I work from home and love it!! You can to

Good early morning. I work here at home and I make a living working here at home. I am a customer service care specialist. I enjoy my job very much. I work part time working as a csr. I just got hired to work another part time position as a customer service rep to help out a man that is running 2 businesses and just needs help with getting his people that he recruits to the sites and getting there paperwork in and all sorts of office things to do. Thats right up my alley so I will hopefully start that soon. He hired me through odesk.com He put me up for 15 hours this week to train myself on the 3 sites that he gave me to look at so Im doing that.

I am also doing some transcribing. I got hired thru getafreelancer for this position. I typed 29 pages the other day from Adobe to word..not bad and easy work. I love it.

Now I am also looking into helping a business called Senior Citizen Bureau that is a non-profit organization for the Senior Citizens. Its an all in one place basically that they can go to and look for all sorts of places and things that will benefit the senior citizens around. So I sent them my phone number for them to call me back and see how that goes.

Next, I also do the GDI business. I like it because they give me thousands of leads a week!!! I am getting over 20,000 leads right now EVERY week!!! And thats not counting the bonus ones that I get!! I have over half a million leads right now!!! If you would like to look at what Im doing with them and see if you like and if you do, get started for FREE today please take a minute and watch the 7 minute video AND just for watching the video, you will get 20,000 leads sent to you!!! You have nothing to lose, so check it out

And I don't work 24/7s I work when I want to with the exception of my first job,I work a set schedule 3 hours a day Mon-Fri which I love.


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