Swine flu back in 1976, commercials about it on tv!!

Ok so hubby was looking around on youtube, yea hes a youtube a holic and he was looking up swine flu. Come to find out that there was this crap going around in 1976. So bad that they caused a panic over it and had commercials on TV about it..the way that they said it in the commercial though...omg..its crazy! So I wanted to share that with you all. Also the fact that on yahoo there was a confirmed case of a 23 month old little child in TX that died from this crap!!! Innocent little child!!! I feel for its parents and I feel for all the ones that have lost in Mexico City to.
Now there is a case of it in Arizona. So its all around us, below us, above us and now to the side of us! One of my friends said that they had already started closing schools in Texas, didn't read that yet, but don't doubt it. Maybe that's what they need to do. Close things down until something can be done and get this under control before it gets out of hand!!
So its a scary thing. I know some don't want to worry about it and of course we all seem to have enough to worry about these days without the extra stresses of this but if this becomes serious enough we could be doing more then just worrying, we could be losing someone that we love to this crap!! So just take precautions and be safe and careful.


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