My day...busy busy so far

Back up and going this morning. I have been up for awhile...busy busy busy. I ended up getting about 4 hours sleep or so. I sat down on the couch to watch one of my soaps and try to wake up and get into the groove but then the phone rang and I got up and headed to my desk and oh goodness then I checked my work email and things are piling up even from last night! So I was going to work on that and get it done but then I saw a message from one of the other guys that I work with/for and we chatted for a few and then I got the chance or rather needed a break from one thing so I called him and we talked for a little while and he put into some great sites and I'm signed up with them and I am excited and can't wait to get started with them. I need to learn about them first and he said that he can teach me about it tonight!! Yes I can't wait. Hes a great guy so I am very appreciative and thankful that he got in touch with me to get into the things and get it going for me. Voice Broadcasting...I think that is a fantastic thing to get into because if the people don't want to talk to you then you can weed them out of the list but for the ones that are interested then I can leave a website or tell them to leave a message and I will call them back etc...still need to figure out what I want to do with that. Very exciting!

So I am flooded in work already this morning. Starting work in a little over an hour. Lots of things going on, at least I have a drink and settled for now. So I am fixing to tend to the job things and then blog some more about things...lots on my mind today and lots to think about and decisions to make.

On a great note, I got paid today!! Yay a day early so that was a great thing :) I love getting paid early and so I transferred most into my bank and will get things done and paid Monday. My goodness what a day.


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