The first day of December 2007Dec 1, '07 7:40 PM
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Saturday, December 01, 2007

The first day of December 2007
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Good evening everyone. Well today has been a heck of a day. I got up early this morning. I got woke up by Leon around 7:53 and he said what time do you want up and Im thinking later then this it was cold and rainy and icky outside!! So I told him 8:30 or so. I ended up laying htere wide awake until it was 8:30 then I got up and came in here and checked email and things until 9:15 or so and me and Jared went and stood at the bus stop and then took the bus to Wal-Mart to go get a few things and withdrawl the rest of the money for the rent.
We spent $150 on a few bags of what seemed like NOTHING! I bought a new can opener. I got one of the hand ones since I couldn't seem to find the freaking electric can openers! We were in a hurry and didn't want to stay there any longer then the hour that we had or a little less so I just said the heck with it and got the hand one for $3 and then got some candy and went and got a few things that turned into $150 on food! We bought 2 boxes of freaking pizza pockets and lol while we were on the bus, it came to me DUH our microwave had just quit so how are we going to fix pizza pockets now??!! Oh well guess the toaster/little oven will have to do. We walked out of wal-mart rearranged the bags and then walked out there to the bus stop just in time to see the bus going the way that we needed to go across the street leave us! So we ended up having to ride the LONG way home...yay! NOT...we got to the transfer station and got off the bus for a few minutes and then back on and got home...Jared went to the little store and got bread and sodas. Then came home..I fixed frozen pizza for me and Jared's supper and the little kids ate there lunchables.
The day was messy ALL day long...sorta least it wasn't freezing cold felt good out surprisingly enough. The landlord came by right before Leon was getting ready to leave for work. I went outside and paid him, got the receipt and thats over for another month..yay at least its paid and out of the way.
Its been drizzling for most of the day and cloudy and just icky but like I said at least it wasn't freezing cold. Leon walked to work instead of taking the bus and giving them a can of food this week. Next week I have already decided that I am going to be going to walmart at least once a day and taking advantage of the food thing. So thats $2 for a round trip that I can save and just give them a can of food. Then I can go and get $30 or so of food each day and get what we need and not have to pay a ton more at the little store down the street. I liek there meat though. Can't pass up there meat, they got great deals on it and its fresh. Fresher then walmart for sure. So since the buses don't run tomorrow I will be going out Monday sometime and getting a little more hotdogs and ham and bologna things like that and then maybe the next day getting mac and cheese and spaghetti and things like that then the day after maybe frozen or something and doing that til Friday the 7th when it ends.
Leon's at work tonight. He left abotu 2 and works from 3 until midnite. I looekd at the hiring thing yesterday when we were up there and I saw that they have 2 positions open for part time cashiers. Well I want to be a cashier and I want to work part time at first. I don't think that full time would be good for me since I have to have my time and Im not used to working out there in the real world yet. So anyway I told Leon that I am going to put in my app and when I get hired then he can quit if he likes b/c hes already griping about it and called in the other day 2 days in a row and this next upcoming check was SUPPOSED to be for Christmas but yea right its all going on bills now and nothing else probably so Im hoping that my mom either hooks the kids up with cool things and or that she sends us gift cards to use on the internet that would be fine to. I don't know if they will do anything. They ddin't get them to much last year and Im not really expecting them to get them anything since it seems like every other year or so thats what they seem to do.
Update on the pricks that threw the 2 rocks at our windows. Jared said that the jerk kid told him yesterday in class that hes the one that broke our windows!!! HOW NICE OF HIM TO TELL JARED that he did it!!!!! Leon said did you go and tell the teacher or the principal and Jared said no and I said no he didn't the kids would just lie about it and we can't prove anything so why bother...the PRICK! I know that hes a kid but damn where the HELL was his parents on Sunday night when there kid was out running around the nieghborhood when it was pouring down rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? Yea they tend to there kid real well!! IDIOTS!!! Thats something that gets on my last nerve is parents that don't keep up with there kids and know where there at and what there doing and who there with etc. There STUPIDNESS and irresponsiblity to keep up with there damn kid just cost us 2 freaking windows!!!!!!
I watched the first Harry Potter earlier tonight when I was sitting down to eat. I haven't seen it in awhile b/c I didn't remember to much of it. The 2nd one is on now on the Fox Family channel here and then tomorrow night the other 2 are coming on. I can't wait to BUY the Phoenix comes out on the 11th I believe it is. 2 days before we get paid and I might just take some of my blogging money and buy it and that will be a gift for all the kids b/c they all love HP.
I have the game Farm Frenzy now..its a fun game. Its one of those that you get when your with the there club thing and its like $7 for a credit and then you can buy any game with that 1 credit. The kids like it. They get to play the game and have fun. Not to much I know but its relaxing to play and we enjoy it. I got pretty far and the kids liked it.
OMG I got SKYPE and am going to use that as my phone now..I still have my other regular landline phone but the company that I am with is a no name company that charges an arm and a leg and it was supposed to be $50 or under a month and all of a sudden they come up and say that I owe $200!!!! UM NO!!! I got the unlimited local calls and unlimited long distance which was the $20 so total was $50 or so and now they are saying somehow they came up with $200 so they can kiss my butt!!! I am not paying that much for a freaking landline phone thats just STUPID so I got the SKYPE and it was $18 for like 3 months and thats with a number where people can call me and I can call out, just not on the phone, I will be using the speakers on here to herar people and the mic to talk but thats no biggie. I don't mind. I can deal with it for a month or two until I get another landline phone for cheaper then what mine is now. Oh and earlier tonight I made the mistake...LOL...HUGE mistake of putting my "status" on skype to "skype me" OMG I had over 20 messages popping up from people wanting to chat and I had calls coming in non stop!!!! Yea well I dont think that I will be putting my status to that again!! lol
I got a ton more on my mind but I think that I have blogged enough for now. I will be back later on to blog more. I think I want to relax and play a game and let the kids play and see how far they get.
I hope that everyone has a great weekend...hugs

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