Survivor...OMG!!! LOL

LOL...Well today was alright. Nothing to great but I had a really fun and interesting night watching my Survivor tonight!! OMG I can't believe it...ok well let me rephrase that lol I can believe it but I can't believe that there plan worked and they had him going and side swiped him!!! anyway they got to the tribal council and they voted 1 PG 1 for Todd and 1 for someone else I think and then it was James James James!!! And he asked if they had the hidden immunity idol and he ddin't take it out...OMG what the HECK was he thinking!!! LOL...they had him from the get go!! Todd pulled his hat over his eyes like omg! lol..they had him out there plan worked!! OH IT WAS GOOD!!!!!!!!!! So James is out and there is only 6 left and it was day 30 or so I think so not that much longer and its going to be the Finale for it. I am still laughing over how they came and side swiped James!! Oh well thats how the game James..
So lol anyway thats my night. I watched Reba 2 times at 5 while we ate and it was actually 2 of the last episodes which I hadn't seen either of them...LOVE that show!! Then I watched one of my soaps Y&R and it was sad...I hate that Victoria is in the coma...horrible. Anyway, watched it and then after that I watched Survivor and then I had to come in here and hope that everyone has a great night. Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! WOOHOO!! Last day of the month creeping up on us!!


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