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Wednesday nights thoughts and venting

Wednesday nights thoughts and ventingNov 28, '07 10:36 PM
for everyone
Good evening everyone. Well I have some thoughts in my head and I have some venting to do so what better thing to do then to go blogging happy!! lol...yea I know Im crazy and I am truly a blog hog just like my shirt says.
Anyway, we had Chris' cake white cake and white frosting. I didn't feel to good, got a headache right before the kids got home from school so I layed down for a few minutes. Leon ended up making the cake darn it since I dozed off from my head hurting that was starting to turn into a migraine b/c every little noise and the lights was getting to me and making me nauseated (can't spell) so he made the cake and lit the candles etc but it was nice and Chris liked it.
We watched Kid Nation tonight. They are on like day 33 or we don't have that many more episodes of it left. I like the show. I don't like that little snobbish girl Taylor, although when they got the arcade as the reward, she straightened up and did all the dishes! I was SHOCKED that she lifted a finger b/c she hadn't been doing anything but being a brat. So that was a pretty good show.
Then after Kid Nation I switched it over to Headline News and was watching the Republican Debates from the YouTube questions. I only got to watch the last hour of it but it was very interesting to say the least. They were doing a special thing on the Headline News where they had yellow and blue lines which was from 24 people that they had in a seperate room thing not actually at the debate. Anyway, the yellow was the women and the blue was the men and I tell you that was interesting. They were 24 people that were registered republicans but undecided and after they watched the 2 hours of the debate the lady asked them had they decided on a candidate after they heard the 2 hours of the debates and I don't think one person said yes. From what I saw it got heated. They were going after each other and that was just the second half. They were showing some of the first of the debates the first hour and that was way more going at each other then the 2nd half! I don't know what I am a republican or democrat. I was republican but then I have issues and things that I believe in etc and none of the democrats that are running are doing any good by my standards.
We have Clinton well shes a lady and that crap about the money and the fraud that came out on her just sucked so that says she can't be trusted at least to me anyway and then the Obama that didn't put his hand over his heart while the lady was singing the National Anthem and him not wearing his lapel pin thats just not right in my mind so there goes those 2 and well I think the only other one that might have a little support from me is Edwards and I need to do more research on him and see what exactly his outlooks on the issues are etc.
I was looking on CNN where they have the major issues listed and what each candidate both Republican and Democrats have to say about it as to where they are against or for it and why etc. So I need to check on there and see what they say to. I might blog it...I have a lot of thoughts on the candidates on both sides. I liked some of what Fred Thompson had to say tonight. I also liked the older man Ron Paul I believe who he was that said that we need to worry about our own country America first and foremost...AMEN! And I liked I think it was Huckabee that said some things that made since to. the one issue that pissed me off that Giuliani (can't spell) had to say was that about the Bible and the question was something to the words of Do you believe every word in the Bible? And Rudy stood there and said basically no that some of it was "anagorical" What the hell is that about!!! So Leon looked up what that word meant and I think I spelt it wrong again but anyway and it basically means that its fake or figurative or something like that to the point of where it means made up!!! So what the hell is he saying?? That the Bible is made up???? The one guy said that he believes every word but that he might take a phrase or sentence or word or something differently then others would and yes I believe that to. We might interpret (spelling) things differently but the Bible is not fake or made up...that pissed me off when he said that. So apparently I am taking that as Mr Rudy Giuliani is not that religious or not a Christian or something b/c that was just wrong in my eyes and I don't want someone liek that in office as the President. I just didn't like the way that he stated that.
Ok so thats that...Leo came in here and interrupted my train of thought..thank you LEON! He started blabbling about Wal-Mart and the electronics department and how the Video Game Systems liek the Wii and the Playstation and Xbox have there own cases and have to pay for the space there and how Xbox has 2 cases for there systems and there games and how they have done away wtih the regular Xbox and even the games for the regular Xbox systems and only have the 360's and the games for the 360's..honestly I think that was STUPID!! Very stupid on there part b/c I don't know about the rest of you guys but I tell you I won't buy another 360 after we bought that one at the beginning of this year and it didn't work right and messed up the game!! A $50 game and it put scratches on it!! Then I took back the system and got a 2nd oen and it did the darn same thing so after that I took it back and got my money back b/c that is just utterly ridiculous how the first ones came out and messed up the games and then that was just $50 down the drain and you can't sell the games back or play them so that was just money thrown out the window. And I won't be buying another one b/c of that. We had the regular xbox systems and they were pretty good. I liked them then they (Jared and Leon) decided that they wanted to go back to the gamecube and ps2. Anyway then he said that Playstation has like 5 cases. One for psp and ps 2 games and 2 for the playstation 2 games and systems and 2 for the playstation 3 systems and games. I think that is smart to keep coming out with ps2 games and still selling the system b/c like us, thats the system that we have. I am getting Jared a gamecube that he wants since his other one quit on him I am getting him another one, b/c the other one was a used one so it quit on him a few months after buying it. And thats all that hes asking for for Christmas, that and a game for it. I am hoping that my mom will give him money and then he can get it or that something will give and I can get it for him. He deserves it so much. Hes been doing good in school and made good grades and I am very very proud of him for doing his best and doing pretty good with the first year of high school thats challenging enough just starting in high school but he seems to be doing better this year in his first year of high school then he did in middle school so I don't know what is up with that but thats that. I am proud of him and he deserves a good Christmas. I already told him that hes getting one although it might be late. If I have to put it on layway somewhere or if I have to look on Ebay or whatever I have to do I am going to do my best to get him that even if he has to wait til tax time I will get him that somehow but hopefully for Christmas. They don't cost that much, I think like $60 or so now brand new if I am not mistaking so that is cheap compared to $100 which they were like last year or so. Maybe they are $80 well either way its less then $100 and he deserves it.
So lets see what else??!! Hmm. Well tomorrow is payday..yay...he worked ONE day in the past 2 weeks so thats going to SUCK tomrrow when he gets a $50 check MAYBE if that!! He has already missed 2 days this week and then hes off tomorrow and Friday and then works Saturday evening I think and then off Sun and Mon...yay for me ... NOT!!!! He is NOT going to miss another day of work b/c if he does my foot is going to be kicking his ARSE!!!!
Still alot on my mind but I think that this is about it for now. I might write more later on about the pres candidates and there views on things and I might see if I can watch the first part of the debates somewhere on the net since I missed the first part. I want to vote, but still very undecided on who and which party.
I hope that you all have a great night and rest of the week...hugs


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