My MondayNov 26, '07 3:41 PM
for everyone

Good afternoon everyone. Today has been alright so far, I guess. My mom called earlier to let me know that she sent out a package that had some shoes, Sketchers for Jared, size 13! Big foot!! And that she put in a few other things with it and Chris' money for his birthday Wednesday. We should be getting it on Wednesday since they sent it last night in that self thing and sent it priority. So the kids will like whats in it.
Leon was a jerk earlier this morning when I got up and got the kids up and ready and off to school. So after they left, I went back to sleep so I wouldn't have to deal with him and woke up around 11 or so. He woke me up asking if I was ok, well yea DUH I was sleeping nice and soundly til you woke me up! MEN!! He had taken a bath and got out and became dizzy and light headed...poor baby. I have done that a few times and he didn't get concerned over me so why should I be concerned with him. I swear its just a matter of time before its the end for the 2 of us. Whether I move sooner then I wanted to or not, I am not living any longer then I have to with putting up with him. Were just here living together but its not like husband and wife, were apart. I don't even like the looks of him. He gripes about any and everything and I am just completely and utterly sick of it. I can't take it much longer. And since the idiots have thrown 2 rocks at my bedroom windows one Friday and one last night, that is telling me to leave sooner. So I might try to push it and leave at the beginning of Jan instead of the beginning of Feb or March. I will just have to see what happens in the next few days, but if someone throws another rock at my house windows again this week, I am out of here the sooner the better!!! I don't like moving..I hate it but when Jared was sitting here last night he could of gotten hit by the damn rock if he wouldn't of ducked and I don't want my kids to live here in fear of being hit by a rock or worse off a gun if they can throw rocks, they can do worse and that makes me nervous. We keep to ourselves, we don't talk to anyone or piss anyone off or tell on anyone around here and for someone to throw a rock once ok well thats just an accident or a random hitting or whatever but then they do it again at the same house, same set of windows just the opposite window and lower this time...its time to get out!! Jared said that one of his buddies said this wasn't the greatest place to move to (being here in town Lawton) and now I am wandering if it was a smart move to move here. I don't want to move out of town b/c I promised Jared that once he was in high school we weren't going to be moving out of the town that were in and I want to keep that promise. I found a house, closer to the kids school and its cheaper. 3 bedroom 1 bath same as this house but with a garage to so that would be good and nice to have one and its $225 cheaper but the picture looks nice and the nieghborhood over there which is still a part of this one I don't think would be any worse then here and then if something happeend, well at least we would be paying less rent and have extra money to get a dog if we had to or put up a security cam or something to help out. So I might look into it more in depth when I have made up my mind for sure that were moving and when.
Anyway, its nice out today. I think it was like 59 earlier. I like it when its like that and not in the freaking 40's cold. I hate the cold.
Leon left for work at 1 and won't be home til 8:30 or so, so at least me and the kids can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet and by the time that he gets home they will be done with there baths and getting ready for bed and won't have to listen or deal with him. Pretty sad when the kids want to go to bed on time just so they don't have to listen or deal with there dad.
I hope that everyone is having a good Monday. hugs


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