DAYS SPOILERS for the week of 12/3

SPOILERS for week 12/3 (DAYS)
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Monday, December 3
Sami seduces Lucas with a sexy outfit; Chelsea convinces the campus girls to fight back against Ford.

Tuesday, December 4
The sorority sisters set a trap for Ford; Belle makes love to Shawn, but her mind is also on Philip.

Wednesday, December 5
Ford's accidental death has the sorority sisters in deep trouble; Tony urges Stefano to leave EJ and his son alone.

Thursday, December 6
The Theta sisters debate over how to dispose of Ford's body; Marlena has a serious talk with Sami about her feelings for EJ.

Friday, December 7
Max buries Ford in the basement; Roman arrests Marlena.

UpComing December Spoilers:

The sorority girls get in over their head when they fight back against Ford, but then he accidentally dies! Or was his death really an accident? Meanwhile, the girls summon superhero Max to the sorority house for an all important task of disposing Ford's body.

More spoilers for the first week of December include:

Lucas and Kate are apparently back on speaking terms when they team up together.
A conflicted Roman is forced to arrest his other ex-wife.
Belle can't get Philip out of her head as she makes love to Shawn.
Sami is torn between two men.

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~*~Week of December 3 - 7, 2007~*~

Monday, December 3: Sami, dressed in a sexy outfit, attempts to seduce Lucas. Ringleader Chelsea convinces the college girls to take a stand against Ford.

Tuesday, December 4: The Alpha Chi Theta girls set a trap for Ford. Belle can't stop thinking about Philip as she makes love to Shawn.

( My Thought: Philly is a 10000% jerk!!! )

Wednesday, December 5: The sorority girls are in deep trouble as a result of Ford's accidental death. Was it really an accident? Tony urges Stefano to leave EJ and little Johnny / Gianni alone.

Thursday, December 6: The sorority sisters discuss how they can dispose of Ford's body. Marlena speaks with Sami about her feelings for EJ.

Friday, December 7: Max buries Ford's body in the sorority house basement. Roman is forced to arrest Marlena.

Additional Spoilers:

Philip has a sick fantasy of Belle killing Shawn.

( My Thoughts: You're right! It is SICK!!! Grrr.... )

Bo's patience with his new daughter-in-law begins to diminish.

( My Thoughts: If you're gonna blame someone....BLAME YOUR HALF brother, Philly!! )

Lucas walks in on EJ and Sami kissing.

Lucas teams up with Kate.

Max is summoned to the sorority house for an important task.

Stefano issues a warning to EJ.

Tony warns EJ to protect his boy from Stefano.

Week of Dec. 3

Bo's patience with Belle wears thin.

Lucas and Kate team up.

The Theta girls move against Ford.

Stefano has a warning for EJ.

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