Feb 25, 2011

Update on New Job

So it looks like instead of me working for this company where they have clients like Turbo Tax, I will be switching to their client AT&T. So yea that should be fun!! I can't wait to start the orientation and then the training. I know that its going to be a lot of work and training but I know that I can do it. I'm a smart cookie, really I am!! LOL..If I can study and learn how to deal with comcast and all of their 50 screens and BS that they have to deal with...I can definitely deal with Att. So this should be really good for me. I liked the idea of Turbo Tax when she told me but then I thought about it and it might be slow at times so I was thinking hmm wonder if hours will get cut later on even though she said that it was a year around position and now that I am going to be getting certified for the att one..yea I know that they are always busy busy busy and thank goodness the company has taken on an English speaking company that hires Americans to take the calls because I have dealt with Att before and they are one of the many companies that have a bad habit of dealing with overseas people that don't speak English good enough without you getting aggravated and frustrated!
So that is my news for today. I can't wait to get started with them. I know that it will be great money coming in once I get the chance to actually start working which won't be until hmm my guess mid March I'm guessing since the other training she said lasted 2 weeks or so I am guessing that this one will too. Still will be good once it starts coming in. I really really want to save up and start looking for a bigger better house and then before the kids start school move into a bigger house, still here in this town because we love it here but just a bigger house. When you have 3 teens and 1 pre-teen the house seems to be shrinking! LOL...and we definitely need a house with 2 bathrooms this next time! So we will see what happens.

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