Trump isn't legit, so he should QUIT!

Good evening everyone! I just wanted to write and say my goodness already the first week of July is behind us! Wow!! I’m still having a pretty hard time believing that it's already July and yet by this time next week it's going to be half over already!! Crazy how time is flying on this year!

Have you watched the news? I haven’t watched too much of it lately but, I do keep up with my youtube news channels like Ring of Fire and The David Packman Show. Both of my faves on there and I keep up with things for the most part with them.

So I heard about all this crap with Trump’s son in law and his own oldest son Trump Jr. going to meet a flipping lawyer or someone that told them something about getting information on Clinton! Flipping really? You are going to go and meet someone (just happens to be a Russian someone involved in that meeting) that is going to hand over info on Clintonrightyea that is WHAT KIND OF FAMILY THE WHOLE TRUMP FAMILY IS!!!! PATHETIC!!!!!!!
That needs to be looked into more and more as it all comes out but, what pisses me off is that it comes out BUT yet it comes out to give them time enough to erase things and make sure that things are covered and nothing is found out about just my thinking! Why haven't people interrogated those 2??! They are corrupt and are nothing but TROUBLE! The whole bunch of them is nothing but trouble and ANY of them that was doing anything with any Russians then and there should have been looked into more closely which I’m sure they are doing now but seriously that meeting happened back in June of Last year BEFORE the damn election and here it is with a year behind us and we ALL know that the Russians meddled in the damn election yet what? We have NO backup plan like if something like that happened we are just still going to sit back and allow this complete and unintelligent jerk act like he runs the world and that the LAW doesn’t apply to him??? He seems to think that he can get away with anything and everything and right now it looks as if that is true!!

He needs to be kicked out of office for a damn number of reasons, not just one!! And that is a very scary thing!
And then the fact that he just blows it all off and acts like it’s not a big damn deal?! Yeah, it’s not a damn big deal to him because he got away with it and there he is sitting up in the White House where he does NOT deserve to be!! He didn’t “win” the election legally!!! And I don’t know why he is still our sitting President! Something needs to be done and fast!! He is just making us look way more foolish now than ever before!

And it isn’t just once in a blue moon that he’s doing or saying something foolish to make us look more and more like a bunch of idiots but, it's ever flipping day!!
So he went to the meetings this past week/weekend and met with a ton of leaders etc. And the man apparently didn’t know anything about etiquette or else he wouldn’t have made us look like a bunch of idiots yet again when it came to the handshakes of one gentleman and his wife was going to shake the 1st lady’s hand and Trump has a nasty looking face on when he puts out his hand to shake hers and she goes for Melaniawow seriously?

I just don’t get it or understand why this man is up in there still?! Really frustrates me that something can’t be done to shut his ass down!! He didn’t win the election fairly and therefore he doesn’t deserve to be up there and yet somehow, he still is!

Yes, I know another vent about news and politics in this country but, seriously its crazy!

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