And they are BUSTED! - Yes, another Trump rant!

I was just on twitter and wanted to share the quote that I came across from Seth Meyers. He said it very wellTrump has so much “fake” in his world that he shouldn’t be in charge of deciding what’s real!

And the Sarah Huckaby Sanders I believe is her name came out earlier and quoted from the President “his son is a “high-quality” person” Yea uh huhokay, so this high-quality person is SO high quality that he was quoted saying that he had a chance to get “Dirt on Hillary and he loved it!” what the hell?! Yes, that is SUCH a high-quality person!! Such a class A guy!!!

This is literally getting out of hand and fast!!! Someone needs to step up and take the first step and start the ball rolling on pressing charges and getting this WHOLE family out of the White House!!!!

Hopefully, Mr. Mueller will take the steps and soon to get the ball rolling on getting charges brought up on these IDIOTS that think that they are “untouchable” because in Reality in this country they should be very TOUCHABLE and go to flipping PRISON!!! He didn’t win the election!!! HE flipping CHEATED!!!!!!!!!!! He cheated to get what he wanted and not only that but, he cheated America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He OWES everyone an apology for all the chaos and BS that he’s laid upon this country and he needs to step down and walk away!

He did NOT win fairly! HE KNEW that the Russian’s was meddling in the election and he did NOTHING but put the blame on EVERYONE else but, where it really is and that’s in HIS OWN FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am SO looking forward to the day that they tell the whole family to leave and hope they tell them to leave with some of them in cuffs and bring them to prison where they DESERVE to be pulling this kind of crap!!!

It shouldn’t matter what kind of money you have, these are serious things that are going on and they need to pay for the crime like any other person that does this crap and they need to do it in PRISON!!! Let them see what it’s all about being that they are NO different than every other HUMAN on earth!! IDIOTS!

Just another rant and my 2-cents from today’s Trump BS that is going around!

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