This country has been turned UPSIDE DOWN & INSIDE OUT!!! #DUMPTRUMP

I am VERY proud to be an American, but, I REFUSE to allow this jerk who is a bully tell the news and others to shut up!!! NO we will NOT shut up!!! He's a flipping HUGE embarrassment to this country!!!

So thanks to Trump, this country, in my opinion, has not only been turned upside down but, also turned inside out thanks to the measly just over 170 days (give or take) that he’s been in office!!!!!

So far what has he flipping accomplished??? He's accomplished to bring out more HATRED in this country then I have ever been aware of in my short 44 years of my life!! He has managed to make a ton of countries all over the WORLD laugh at us!!!

We are in TURMOIL because of this idiot in the white house that doesn’t know how to read, how to run anything (yeah, he’s a business ownerin which he filed bankruptcy HOW many times?!) he keeps saying the news is “fake news” yet he seems to be the only FAKE thing that is in sight!!! His whole family is FAKE!! They are selfish, ungrateful, unappreciative and sexist jerks!!!
They lie, steal, bully and blackmail!!!

Has there ever been any other Presidential family that has caused so much turmoil?! I don’t believe so!!
 But please correct me if I am wrong as I will ADMIT when I am wrong about something unlike some!

I think that the whole Trump fam is disgusting and they should be ASHAMED of the way that they are doing and handling things!!!!

Trump Jr had a meeting with a Russian person because he thought that she “had dirt on Hillary Clinton and in response to that said “I love it!” so he KNEW that the Russians were supporting his father and he KNEW that it wasn’t right but, yet he didn’t care b/c what the hell, they might have had “DIRT” on Hillary!! Seriously?! Ridiculous!!!!!
Ivanka Trump trying to make a name for herself and in my eyesfailing MISERABLY!!! She is running sweat shops and doing other unacceptable things in order to make money!!
Jared Kushner (Ivanka’s Husband) was in on the meeting with Trump Jr and he also KNEW things weren’t right when meeting with certain people and not only that but, he also LIED on his federal form that he filled out stating that he didn’t have any meetings with foreigners etc. BUT YES HE DID and he “left it out” until he went back and “Amended” it!!! What the hell?! So you just oh yea I forgot about that meeting..yea probably because well you was promised “dirt” and didn’t get any so why bother mentioning the meeting to anyone since you didn’t get anything good out of it that would benefit the Trumps! For real?? Disgusting!!!!

They need to be arrest for Collusion and whatever other charges that are legit to put on them and they EACH & EVERY one of them need to be BANNED from the damn White House!!

Hell if it was possible --- ban them from the White House!!!!! Both Trump and Trump Jr. have over and over again proved themselves to be the opposite of “Smart!!”
Trump and his “I’m the best at this and I’m the best at that” BULL CRAP!!! You might think that you are good and the best but the American people are starting to see right THROUGH that pack of lies!!!! More and more of us daily are starting to see the REAL & TRUE lying and scheming man that you are!! And your oldest son, daughter and son-in-law aren’t far behind!! You should be OH SO DAMN PROUD OF THEM!!!!!!!!! NOT!!!

It just disgusts me that every flipping day there are new stories coming out and things like a puzzle piece being released once a day and you just must keep working at the puzzle because one day it will ALL come out and people aren’t going to like the puzzle that’s been playing out and it WILL come out and you WILL be exposed for the BS that you’ve done!! KARMA!!!!!

And again that is just my 2-cents and opinions of all the BS going on dealing with the man that is supposed to be running this country, but, yet it seems like he’s instead of playing golf!!!

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