Another day - another Trump rant!! My 2-cents

So there are a few things that get under my skin and so far this yearyes Mr. Trump has been the number 1 thing! Mostly because I swear its EVERY flipping day that it’s something new!

Either he is putting down and bullying news media or he’s saying things that he has said before but, the opposite so he’s contradicting things left and right to where I don’t think that he even knows what the truth is for some things!!

Now today I hear 2 things that rub me the wrong way. The first thing is that he is being sued I believe they said by a lady that was on the Apprentice if I remember right (please feel free to correct me on this if I am mistaken) and she is suing him for Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault I believe is the charges. Now what just pisses me off to no end is that the lawyers for Trump are saying that he’s protected by the 1st Amendment to say things that he wants etc. Um what?! So you think because you are a man (I disagree! I see him as a childish boy!) regardless he thinks because he’s a male and because he’s who he is “Mr Trump” and now UNFORTUNATELY our sitting President that he can just get away with what the hell ever he wants!!! After all he is the man that claimed that if he went I believe he said on Wall St and killed someone that he would get away with it! Yea uh huh! IDIOT!!! How can you be that way??? How can you be such a damn pompous ass jerk?!!! He has the ego the size of the world but, in reality he is the ONLY one that sees him to be all great!!!

Sure the people that voted for him love himstill not understanding HOW with all the BS and drama that he is causing on a DAILY basis!! he is stating that he should just get away with saying what he wants to women because he’s a man and he’s the PresidentNOPE!! Someone somewhere needs to take the FIRST DAMN STEP and put this pompous ASS in his damn place and make him pay the consequences of his damn actions!!!! This is unacceptable and ridiculous!! And this was started I believe before he ran or was president.

I am a very proud American but, I am NOT proud of the way that our sitting president is acting!!! His conduct, his lies, his twitter tantrums! NONE of it should be anything that should come from a President!!! And if any OTHER president would of pulled HALF of the crap that this jerk is doing they would of done something already and taken steps for him to pay for his consequences of his actions and yet NO ONE has the balls apparently to stand up to this pompous ass!!! He needs to be PUT IN HIS PLACE!! I don’t give a damn if you are President there are certain lines that do NOT need to be crossed and he has done plenty of things to come close to the lines of crossing and now he’s just gone over a few of them!

Letting or allowing his daughter who is NOTHING to this country besides his damn daughter! Letting her sit on the stage at the Summit to represent our country!! That is inexcusable and unacceptable!!! She had NO business sitting there for the rep of our countrynone! And the fact that she thinks that she’s all great etc is just ridiculous! She’s nothing but a daughter of the president!

And then to hear his sonDon Jr come out and say things on Sat and then switch things up and say oh yea so we met with someone who just happened to say that she had info on Clinton to give to the Trumps! And she’s a Russian lawyer I believe they said! Seriously? Are you flipping kidding me??!! And then the fact that oh well they didn’t get any info from her instead she wanted to discuss adoption etc. I don’t give a rat’s butt!! That is WRONG and for him to come out and say that I’m pretty sure his thinking was oh well they can’t do anything b/c well I didn’t get info and I’m a TRUMP and the son of the President so they won’t do anything to me either! WTF!

So my 2-cents on those things is that the Trumps think that they are untouchable and that NO ONE has the balls or nerve to do anything to them and with that being said they are going to continue the BS and drama and continue to bring out things that need to be looked into!! And the part where I believe Mr. Trump tweeted and said that he wasn’t at the meeting and knew nothing about it. I don’t believe that at all!!! They are conniving and deceiving the whole flipping family and they are bringing this country DOWN to its knees and someone NEEDS TO STAND UP TO THEM!!!

That is my vent for the day on the BS and drama of the Trump admin

Please feel free to agree to disagree as I don’t expect nor want anyone/everyone to agree with all that I’ve said I just wanted to share my 2-cents.

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