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Hello again everyone, this week is another week that I'm doing Behind The Blogger and the topic is We Are Family.

For me, this topic says a lot for me. It makes me be thankful as I am everyday for the friends in my life that I care about and have known for most of my life. Some of them before high school and other's in high school. I am VERY blessed, thankful and grateful that I have so many close friends in my life that I refer to as my family. Some of us don't talk as much as we probably should or want too because life is chaotic but, each of them I would drop what I'm doing and be there for NO matter what if they needed me.

One of my friends I have been best friends with since I was in middle school. I referred to her mom as my 2nd mom and love her family like it was my own. I still love them always and would do anything for them. I met them while living in a small town here in Oklahoma. We keep in touch on Facebook. Very thankful for them.

Another set of my friends - there are quite a few as we were in our "group" back in high school. So they have known me for 30 years! My friends back in high school were awesome people that came to bat for me no matter what! They stood up for me and helped me through some rough times and I tried my best to do the same for them. There are about a dozen or so of them. We all hung out and had great times together and I won't ever forget them and what they have done for me. They saved me back then! I would do anything for any one of them back and I would do anything for them today as well. We might not talk all the time but, we do stay in touch sometimes on the phone and texting and facebook messaging/commenting and such. I love them!

I've said it before and I"ll say it again my friends aren't blood but, over my blood family they mean the world to me! I don't have blood family that has anything to do with me. My grandfather, Uncle and my stepdad that I looked up too as my dad are all gone. And it was my friends that got me through the tough times of losing each of them.

In this life we are very fortunate and lucky to come across a few freinds that you can trust with things and tell everything too. But, in my life, I have several that I trust and have known and would trust with anything and everything including my life! Yes, I have several besties that go in that category. 2 of them which we usually talk/text on a daily basis and just here recently one of them is now working with a client that I'm working with so not only are we sisters and besties but co-workers now too! :) I've known her since we were both pg with our youngest sons which are now 18!! So that is pretty awesome! All these years we've become the best of friends and have trusted each other with a lot of things and have gone through rough times and each of us was there for the other one. VERY thankful and grateful for her! The other one is a male that I've known - my first true love - that I met at our school bus stop in high school. He's still the pester butt to me today as he was nearly 30 or so years ago!

That is what We Are Family means to me...being thankful for the friends in my life that was, is and always will be my family!

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