Monday is my day off

I'm excited that I got a Monday off!! I don't like Monday's very much! Does anyone really?? I guess only most of us like it when we have the day off! So with this day off I have errands to run with my oldest son but then I want to be able to get on here and update my blog more to where I have a page for all of the blogger opps and events that I am signed up for and a page for my giveaways where its updated. I am also working on a Linky so that I can do the opps and giveaways on that as well and others can add to it as well. I am really trying to get my blog out there and do more reviews as well and trying to get it to where I can do my own giveaway here pretty soon. Nothing yet but soon hopefully by the end of summer or first of fall we will see.

I have been so busy trying to work as much as I can to get some money saved up to have to go to Vegas on this coming September and then I want to add things to my car, maybe a nice stereo and car covers and things like that just to make it a bit nicer for me. I love my car!

I was thinking about trying to write more about my pet cat Bunnie :) She's a white calico and spoiled rotten! Right now she's in the kitchen asleep in the sink! Just a tad bit spoiled! I will have to get some more pics of her and put them on here and share. She's my spoiled baby.

I hope that you all have a great week. Check out some of the opps and giveaways that are going on and join in.


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