Addicting games on Facebook

Sometimes when I'm working and things are going really really slow and it feels like the shift is NEVER going to end I put on my Spotify and that usually helps but, sometimes when it still seems to go slow and I'm left sitting here with no calls to take I jump on facebook.

I have just got introduced to Papa Pear Saga and Rescue Pet Saga. Now given I was already addicted to one of the games on there called Farm Hereos Saga but now I have TWO more to be addicted too as well!! It drives me batty when I run out of lives! I usually can't get into the games where you only have "so many lives" and if you fail a level you lose a life but I got into the Witch Saga and Bubble Safari Saga and it went from there!

LOL...I think that I need to go back to my easier games like Chefville, Gourmet Ranch and Farmsville 2 :)

Are there any games on FB that you get addicted too as well?? 


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