Looking forward to the upcoming season of Big Brother

So since there are few shows that come on at this time since all the good ones just recently ended, I am looking very forward to BigBrother

I am going to miss seeing Adam every Monday and Tuesday nights now that the Voice is done with. And since Survivor won't be starting up again until the fall  and the amazing race is long gone for now too there isn't too many other shows that I like to watch.

Although, here lately one of my best friends has got me into watching MasterChef (love Chef Ramsey), Hell's Kitchen which I love as well and watched it off and on but now completely watching it every week, and 2 more shows that come on Sunday nights on the Food Network and HGTV. The two other shows are Design Star and the Food Star where they are competing for there own show on the network. I enjoy watching them I think that both of them are very entertaining. I agreed with the last person they took off on the Food Star show, she was getting on my nerves and needed to go. The other one, Design Star, I dind't like that they got rid of one of the guys that I liked the design best the first night!


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