Oct 20 - ABC - What has been your favorite job?

I would have to say my favorite job "outside of the house" would be when I was younger in my late teens working at Toys R Us during the holiday season!! I loved that to see the parents buying all the cool toys.

Another one would have to be my first job "outside of the house" which was working as a carhop at Sonic. I love Sonic, always have and will and that was a great job because there every night after work I would have my tips that I made from my shift and I loved have money every day!

My favorite job working in my home office is of course me being a customer service rep. Love it! I love working here in my home office and working the hours that I want and need too and not having to worry about rushing around in the morning getting ready or fighting the traffic to work etc. Wouldn't change it for the world!


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