My Review on Asher's Chocolates :)

I received my box of Asher's Milk & Dark Chocolate Assortment on Friday. I was first wondering what in the world by the huge box that they shipped it in. I opened it and they had packed the box of chocolates inside an ice chest with a big ice pack in there to help keep them from not melting. That is a great way to ship such fragile things. I thought that was a great idea to do that to ensure they wouldn't melt.

I opened the box and I chose my first piece of chocolate, I picked one of the ones that was square, it had pecans and caramel in it. It was so delicious..I took small bites and I have to say..its the best chocolate I have ever tasted! It's so rich but yet not to where they over do it...its just the perfect amount of milk chocolate over the caramel and nuts. I loved it! The one I had was at the bottom on the left side...sooo good!! I had another one that was again milk chocolate and it was one with coconut! I absolutely love coconut!!

When my kids came in from school I let them each have one and they each said it was good and mouth watering! It left them begging me for another one! I still have some left and I have been enjoying each of them that I have ate. I like the way that the ones wrapped in the gold and red wrappers are chocolate covered cherries....Delicious!!!!

If you have anyone on your list for the upcoming holidays that is a chocolate lover, I would definitely consider going to Asher's and ordering them a box of chocolate!! 


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