My adventures as a Work at home mom -Being a Virtual Assistant

Being a Virtual Assistant is a wonderful thing. I have been working here at home for over 12 years now! I started back when the kids were smaller and yes while it was a challenge to work at home as a customer service rep is what I first started out doing it, I made it work. I was determined more then ever to make a living here at home and I have for the most part. Yes I took a break now and then but I always go back to it.
I love the convenience of it all. I love that I know what to do and don't have someone looking over my shoulder so to speak when I'm working and if something comes up, I can jump up and go handle it and then back to work.
Now not with all work at home jobs you can do that. And don't fall for the jobs that say that they are work at home jobs but they are in reality a work at home "opportunity/business opportunity" those are the ones where you usually end up paying a monthly fee or a one time fee etc. Don't do that, there isn't a reason to do that!
The only time that I paid for anything that was legit, is when I joined the company where I do the recruiting and yes I paid for it and I am still involved in it..not that much here lately but I am still getting emails and updates etc from them.
What you want to do is be an "Independent contractor" but again don't fall for the fees. Some won't tell you that they have fees or maybe they don't, maybe its where you have to "purchase" things each month. Don't fall for that because again that isn't a job where you work at home that's a business opp where you have to spend more money to make little money!!
When I first started this adventure it was back before my youngest son was around that was almost 14 years ago. I was doing the envelope stuffing and the make crafts from home and all that stuff where you worked and did things on your kitchen table and actually got things in your mailbox and not email.
Through the years I've grown and in a big way!! My first legit work at home job was with and just so you all know, they are a great company to work with/for. They had great people that trained you on things back when I started with them and it was only a week or two of training and it was paid! So that was great and I worked during one of the busiest times...Mother's Day! I loved it and that's what got me into looking for more legit jobs like that.
I have since then been a customer service rep for other smaller companies and I have worked as a virtual assistant and admin through out the years.
You have to start small..can't just jump in and expect everything to come to you.  You have to have determination and also discipline!!
So I think this is where I'm going to end this and in my next one, I'm going to make a series of blogs about working at home and will start where I left off...having determination and discipline..takes a lot of strength to do both of those things!
Have a great day


  1. Could you send me some links to companies you've worked for? The link to the flowers one doesn't work. :(

  2. I would love to be a virtual assistant. I did something similar for awhile, but I had cultivated clients through face-to-face contact first and then worked for them from home. I know I'd be good at it if I could find a legit company to work for. If you've got any leads for me, please, reach out! Thanks!


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