I heard about this in a group that I'm in and just thought I would share it to see what your opinions are on the matter...
I have been putting up some giveaways and here pretty soon (today or tomorrow) I'm going to be announcing my own that is another reason why I'm writing this...
This morning in a group someone had chose a person to win a prize and when she did this, she sent them an email and said something to the effects of please respond within 48 hours. She gets an email back from the was blank!! Really?? You are going to send back an empty email to a person that is going to be sending you a prize that you won. Really?? Where are your manners?? That is just rude, disrespectful and completely ridiculous!! That is one of my pet peeves, if you don't use manners then you don't deserve things especially when its dealing with a giveaway. I mean come on!! Really how long does it take to send back an email with a simple Thank you, I'm excited for winning, or I appreciate it or something!! Anyway, the lady sent her the prize (code) back in an email and still nothing!
When I hold my giveaways its going to be mandatory I think to have manners and I'm not asking for a paragraph of kissing up saying thank you or something I just want a simple thank you appreciate it or something to that effect good grief!!
Ok enough of the griping but goodness Really??
What's your opinion/thoughts on this??
Should someone that won a giveaway have to be polite enough to at least say thank you or does it not matter??


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