Summer Blog Challenge - Day 5 - Short term goals for this month and why those goals.

My short term goals for this month and why those goals...
First one is to pass my Real Estate course. It lasts this month, just started yesterday, lasts until July 6th. I know that I can do it and I am trying really hard to complete this goal.
Second is to pass my other summer course which lasts longer, it goes until the end of July and also started yesterday. I am already ahead in it so no worries on passing this one.
Third is to get my newer vehicle. My older van is running down on me and I very much need and want a newer vehicle..not new new but new to me! That is one of my top goals because my youngest son will be in football this upcoming school year and my other 2 that are still in school will both be in high freshman and one sophomore and so they will have there activities and things to do and places to go so a nicer newer vehicle will help with those things.
Fourth is my work, I am starting a work class on the 18th and it last for 4 weeks so to get through that and pass it and get certified and do good on my calls and things is another goal. I love working customer service so I am pretty sure that I will do great. I love learning new things and especially when the class is for a company that sells office supplies/furniture etc..right up my alley! I love office things!! That is like a kids Toys R Us to me!! LOL
Fifth, to take more family outtings/trips even if its just for the day to the lake or to the pool or to the zoo etc..I want to take more road trips even if its just a short one a couple hours away.
Sixth, get things situated/settled in my life...personal things that need to be handled. Some of them might take longer then this month but they will be moving forward...
And those are my main goals for this month


  1. Awesome goals. I went back and read your other post from the challenge and am now following you. :)

  2. these are great goals. Good luck on tackling them.

  3. @Abbie thank you, appreciate your comment and thank you for following me :) I will be happy to follow you back.

    @Carlee, thank you :)


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