Blog Dare - Day 3 - The interruptions to my day...

The interruptions to my day...I don't like interruptions. I like to be in my zone and getting things done whether its doing chores or at my desk getting work done or heck if its just relaxing for a little while on a game..I like my time in whatever I'm doing to go without any interruptions but that doesn't happen too much!

It always seems to be something...the phone, the door, the kids, hubby, the cell phone or the cats! LOL

So now that I have a good lock on my bedroom/office door I like to use that when I need too in order to help control some of the interruptions..

When its serious work time, that is when there is no interruptions no matter what and if there is something that they (kids/hubby) think is urgent they are told to text me and if I happen to check my phone on break and choose to answer them ok and if I don't oh well!!


  1. That's life... you have to run with the punches and still manage to get your personal time in. Good luck and have a good day.

  2. Thank you for the comment :) Have a great day


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