Our trip to the museum here in town

So yesterday Leon and Jessica went walking around and exploring new parts of town that they hadn't seen ... they came back here around noon and said they found a museum and that it was great and awesome and wanted me to go with them to look. So me and Chris said ok and we all went to the museum that we hadn't even noticed or knew about in our over 2 years of living here.
We went in and there was a nice older gentleman who talked to us and we signed in and then he gave us a tour. Earlier while Leon and Jesse was there they just went through and looked on there own. This guy gave us a tour which was nice.
We saw a beautiful old piano..can't remember the story about it...I believe it was the founder of the town's piano but not 100% percent positive of that. We saw a NASA suit in the glass case..very cool to have a nasa suit there!  And indian lady...I think she was the first lady pilot? Don't remember for sure...yep need to go back and take more notes I guess! lol...
Saw a pretty purple and white dress...and the guy told us a story about it....you can tell from just looking at the dress if the lady was married or not..how you ask? Easy...if the dress is open in the front she's married and if its open in the back she's not...why is that you ask? For breast feeding..uh huh that's right. If the lady was married she wore a dress that opened in the front for easy access to breast feed her baby...interesting as I didn't think about it that way at all..hmm learn something new everyday.
In the next part was another piano on the right and then to the left was a beautiful car. An older car..I love the shape and design of the older cars..love them! It was a nice older  black car. JC Potter (yea the sausage company donated the car to the museum..JC Potter founded his fame here in Durant!! Isn't that cool? I thought it was very cool. I have a picture of the sewing machine that the wife used to sew sausage bags. And it has the bags on there as well. I think that is too cool! Didn't realize that about this town..other cool things about it too that I didn't know..

There was a part of the train depot and it had the telegraph machine in there and the old old cash register and omg the adding machine..so old! I don't think I got a pic of it darn it but it was so old!

There was an old freezer..a huge one he told us how they went out and cut blocks of ice off of the lake and then put it in there with the sawdust to last awhile..so cool to learn so many things like that. We also saw a corn sheller which was cool looking and the wash board.

And old old bike with the basket on it..I love the old looking bicycles. And a tricycle that was old. 

Then we went upstairs and saw some cool things. The one thing that got my attention upstairs was the beauty salon part of it...there was a huge thing above the ladies head and that was used to put in her hair..I have a pic.....look below..that is just scary looking! LOL

I will put up a few pictures and share...Anyway the guy gave us a tour of the place, two stories and then we went around on our own one more time then left. Nice little museum.
When I have the time at the end of this month or next month we will be going to all kinds of other places around here and Oklahoma and taking pics and things and sharing.


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