Blog Dare - Day 5 - What I shouldn't have bought for my child{ren}.

Well the thing that comes to mind first on what I shouldn't of bought my children...cell phones!!!
They have had them on and off for awhile now and I don't think that I am going to be giving them back anytime soon to any of them! They are teenagers and with being teens I would think that they would listen and not do things such as download things that cost a month when I have told them not too...but apparently they have..which is one reason not too long ago they lost there phones. I have decided that if they want a cell, then they will be working and paying for it their selves. So my daughter wants to baby sit this summer which that would be good and my  youngest whose 13 1/2 wants to work at Sonic as a carhop which would work too and then my middle son not sure where he wants to work or what he's going to do and my oldest is putting in applications all over so we will see what he gets. Maybe my oldest and middle son could go into the lawn mowing business..everyone needs lawns mowed and around here there are older people that I am sure would appreciate the help in someone else mowing there we will see about that.
They might have cells again soon but it won't be me paying for them!


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