Blog Dare - Day 3 in March - What if you didn't have to worry about...

Today's blog dare is what if you didn't have to worry about...well that list is long to say the least!
First thing that came to my mind is my children's health. If I didn't have to worry about that, then I realized that they are pretty healthy and lucky kids considering some of the kids that are going through a lot more in a little time then my kids have in all there lives and they are teens.
So then I thought the next thing, what if I didn't have to worry about ... Well money of course came to mind...if I didn't have that to worry about I would still work because working keeps me busy and I can't stand just to sit and do nothing these days! When the kids were younger I was ok with not having a job out or at home because they were my world, still are but its different now because they are teens and can handle thereselves..back in the day I was there for them tending to them and helping them..these days they don't need me like they use to so I work and keep myself I don't know that I wouldn't like not having to worry about money so much because that worries me that I might not work as much or as hard to get things that we want and need...So next lol on my list would be if I didn't have to worry about others being on the street and being abused and treated so badly...its so sad to hear about stories and not sure where to go or what to do to help or even sure if there is anything I can do?
I was an abused child and married into another abusive situation so if I didn't have to worry about all the people and children especially going through all the abuse and just meanness that this country and world has come too that would be so much better...I wish that this country would straighten up with people's attitudes and such but it seems like the economy has just made people all that more stressed and plum crazy to put it nicely!
Lots of things on my mind..wish I didn't have to worry about should be felt and that should be a great thing but sometimes it just feels like its a one way street and that sucks!


  1. I think as mom's we will always worry no matter how old our children get.. My oldest is almost 30 and I worry about him as if he were 3.. And now I worry about his son..

    And money.. Pffst.. I only want enough to sustain my family and I. I don't need a mansion w/servants, no private jets - maybe a really hot pool boy.. ; )

    And I couldn't agree more.. There is so much hatefulness in this world and people are so cruel to one another but that is nature of the beast.. It's been going on for 100's of years and I've found that the only thing I can do, that any of us can do, is to be loving, kind and compassionate, first with those in our own homes and secondly to our neighbors, to strangers.. I've also found that as cruel as this world can be, it can also be very loving.. For every wonderful person I meet I cross a horrible person off my list and pretty soon all I know is wonderful.. :)

    Great post.

  2. Thank you and yes I agree we will always worry about our kids no matter how they get.

    Yea I don't need any fancy smancy mansion and all that, I want nice things in my home and a nicer vehicle would be great..hehe and like you said I hot pool boy to top things off isn't a bad idea either!! LOL

    I know that there are good people out there, just sometimes how this world is I wonder where they all went?! Sometimes people are just so caught up in thereselves and can be so rude and harsh to others like they don't matter and are so much lower then they are and that is what ticks me off is when people think that others aren't as good as they are....everyone is human, everyone is equal...think positive and like you said start it in our own house and be kind and compassionate and keep it going to neighbors and strangers..have a great week :)


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