Blog Dare - Day 29 - I am my own worst enemy...

I am my own worst enemy when it comes too working at home. I pour myself into my work every minute that I can. I have been doing better so that when the kids come in  from home I will be done with work, I used to work later into the evening around 5 or so and then start supper and not have that much extra time with the kids to just talk and spend time with them but now I have changed and my work will stop no later then 4. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to working because I want to make life for my kids better with me working hard and getting a better career and so forth. 

I got hired on as a CSR for a great company not too long ago and Friday I got offered a manager's position and I accepted it so now its " official". I am still working here at home in my home office and I am still working the hours that I choose, unless one of my workers that I am managing needs help with something or can't complete something or whatever it may be, then that is the only time that I will step in and work when my kids are at home. They are my first priority, they always have been but I tend  to be a workaholic!!