Ashton Kutcher - hmm...

Hmm ok well I like Ashton Kutcher as an actor, always thought that he was a "good guy" and a great actor, but here lately with the thing with Demi, I just don't know anymore. I like him in all the movies that I've seen him in, but the way that he cheated on her and I know that we don't know all of it and that its a 2 way street etc and don't know what goes on behind closed doors and we shouldn't know that but I am just more upset I think that he cheated on her and on there anniversary!! Really?? That was just a crappy thing to do for Anyone to do his wife and especially for a celebrity to do his wife that way just sucks! I am disappointed in him. I have to say that I watched the first "Two and a Half Men" show with Ashton in it and I liked it, it was funny, I thought that he had and still has some big shoes to fill because I love Charlie Sheen and him in the show .. I wish that he was still in it, anyway, after all this crap with Ashton cheating I haven't watched his show again...I wish him the best of luck, wish everyone that but right now I don't think that its helping Demi with all that shes going through to see articles with Ashton in them with a woman that does have similarities so to speak to Demi! I love Demi and I think that is why I haven't watched to much of Ashton anymore because of the way that he did her...she has her own issues too but dang it it was him that cheated and that sucks, I know I've been cheated on too!
Anyway just felt like venting and stating my opinion about him...and here is the article and then at the bottom is a pic of the two ladies, the one lady that he was seen with recently at a party and Demi next to her...


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