What a great April Fools Day :)

Hey there everyone,
Today was a pretty good and relaxing day for me, despite being a very busy and somewhat chaotic day it was a pretty good one. Last night I didn't get that much sleep at all, I went to bed around 9:30ish but woke up around 12:15 or so and decided to get up and pay bills online and get all that stuff tended too so it would be one more less thing that I would have to do today. So after I paid the bills and took care of a few things, we decided to go ahead and go out to the casino for a little while, we did pretty good won about $150 or so between us, nothing too high but enough to play on for a long time. Then we went to Wal-Mart and got some things. Things sure add up fast, food and necessities and a few other things and that was nearly $300! Good grief and things are continuing to rise and not drop that's for sure! Then we went to McDonalds..that was a trip! Went to Love's and then came home by about 6! Yea long morning. We got the kids up ready for school and they helped carry things in before they left, they love helping like that so they can glance in the bags and see any surprises that I picked up..rotten kiddos! Then before too long they were out the door off to school. 8:00 rolled around and back in bed we went to get a couple hours of sleep, and that is exactly what we got, a couple of hours. I got woke up about 10:15 or so. So we got up and got ready and as slow as we are lol we finally got ready and headed out to a town about 20 minutes or so away, not too bad of a little drive and I enjoy it so that's all that matters. Anyway we went to Cici's there for the first time. Wasn't too sure where it was but we found it without too much difficulty. It wasn't the best I have had for a "Cici's" disappointed and the people in there ..  Omg they were too way too overly friendly. I mean I like the people that work in places to of course be nice and friendly and greet you and all that but these people were just sucking it up way way too much. Anyway we stayed there for a little while, my oldest son Jared requested that we go there for his birthday which was yesterday so we went there today since hubby was off today. After Cici's we went to Hastings and they were freaking expensive! Not like we remembered from back where we use to live that had one..we like gamestop much much better!! Jared found him a headset for his xbox 360 so he got that and then we went to Sams. Can't go there without running in Sams and getting a few things and our few things ended up being $136 or so dollars!! Good grief again things add up so so fast! But we got quite a bit of good deals I think so that's a great thing. Then we headed home and when we got into town went to Gamestop to see if they (hubby and son) could find a game that they wanted, they did and so we got them a game each and came home....long and busy day on a little sleep!
When we got home it was a few minutes after 3 which was a few minutes before the kids started getting home. When the kids got home they helped unload the van...again and then me and hubby headed out again to Save a Lot and Dollar General. We got a few things at Save a lot and then went to Dollar General and got a few more things, he got his schedule for next week, he works 3 mornings this coming week and he's off on Sunday!! That never happens! That's laundry day so I am sure that my daughter will be happy that she won't have to go with me and that hubby will..haha!
I am now sitting here relaxing and downloading a game on gametap. I need something to just put myself into and relax...its been a stressful last month and I need to start this one off as relaxing...so far, so good


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