Are you on Facebook?

So I was reading on one of my friends status' today and I saw a link that he posted and it caught my attention.....and if indeed this is true, which it looks like and sounds like since it was a news story then I might be going back to myspace or wherever else because I REFUSE to think for even a second that something I say on fb might get my account disabled b/c the  owner doesn't like the criticism going around or whatever other reasons! I have the freedom to speak how I want when I want and that's what I am going to do and by all means if he chooses to go and read on my status and see this blog and read it etc and chooses to disable me then so be it there is nothing I can do BUT believe me I will be telling others and others I am sure will be telling others and WE as a WHOLE are way more then just ONE person in which I think has let this whole "facebook" thing go to his head!!!!!

WHY would you disable someone's account because of what their status said even if it criticized you or if they commented on your blog or whatever the guy did, that is  just ridiculous! And then delete a group that has been on the site for FOUR years but just now decide that you w ant to delete it for whatever the reason that he gave. I have seen very XXX rated pictures sad to say of one of my friends on there and she is STILL on there and wasn't removed for that and so with her posting those pics and not being removed/disabled but for someone to say something and be disabled is a bunch of BULL and I refuse to be a part of that. ALSO this article states that the information of ours is sold to other companies for a fee!!! When we put pictures up on our fb and then decide to delete one or more of them b/c of whatever reason, its not completely deleted off of fb..they still have it on there and that is part of what they are also selling as I understood it!! 

IF I wanted my information sold then maybe I would sell my OWN info and get the money for it otherwise I REFUSE TO LET SOMEONE ELSE SELL MY INFO AND GET PAID FOR IT!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

Ok so I have said my peace on this and now that I have..I am going to go to MySpace and also back to MyYearbook I believe was the other one and I am going to be going to them on a regular basis as well since I am thinking that someone will see this and disable my account as others have been for saying less!!! So whatever it doesn't matter..I will still have my friends and they still know that I love them so whatever with FB if he's going to be that way then the word will get spread whatever happens happens

You can click the title of this blog and go to the news article and read about it for yourselves.


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