Training Class

Since I am having so much trouble with this class, no thanks to my computer being too "uppity" basically for them to handle, which makes it a compatibility issue, I wrote my boss last night and told him about the issues and such that I was having and being the great guy that I knew that he was/is, he called me and talked to me and said that we will try to work something out for the other class that starts on Monday the 4th which is the one that I wanted to work in the first place but anyway so he called me we talked and then he called me back and said that they are closing the enrollment as of Wednesday so I would have to get in and get it paid etc by then, which I can't do that until the 1st so that left me thinking uh oh this might not happen, but long story short, I am still in the first class..staying in there until things are final that I am enrolled in the class that I wanted to be in to begin with and that it starts on Monday and then once everything is ok and fine I can stop out of this class and won't have to deal with it...Yay!! I emailed him before class earlier tonight and thats when he said that they will enroll me in the class tonight and I will just pay it back Friday!! YAY!!!!!!! I get my way and am back on the original schedule/path/client that I wanted to be so I am really really really excited. So the class that starts on Monday is one of the ones that has 2 phases and I will be taking it for 3 weeks and then one week of calls and then finishing it out with another 3 weeks of class and then the end of it though, I will last through out the whole classes I will get a $300 bonus!!! Which I am very much looking forward too and like and with this class now, that wasn't an option. Also with the 2nd one that I wanted first, its fifty cents more an hour and unlimited amount of weekly hours! Which I loved that to begin with too!! So I am excited happy and relieved!


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