My first child turning 18 today!!!

I can't believe that my first child Jared is turning 18 today at an hour and 3 minutes...where has the time gone?? I love him more and more each day. He has grown up so fast, he's become a great person and is a great son and I know that he will be a great adult...time flies so fast and I miss all the cute little things he did when he was little and now its all about him and his games and such and not so much about mom...At least I still get my hugs on a regular basis and a kiss on the cheek now and again out of the blue so that makes my day :)
He got his birthday money from me last Friday so that it wouldn't be late, since we get paid Friday's, so he took his money and went and got his self an xbox 360 at gamestop. He's happy and that's what he has been wanting so that's what he got. Were not doing too much today but we will be taking him out to eat tomorrow for a pizza buffet that he's been wanting for awhile now, its out of town so were going while the younger kids are in school and he can enjoy it and have peace and quiet like he wants and asked for.
Happy  18th Birthday Jared!!


  1. Happy Birthday!! :)
    I'll commiserate with you Lisa...I can't believe our kids are this old already!! Big hugs!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Time sure does fly, one minute they are babies learning how to crawl and than the next they are all grown up ready to face new responsibilities.
    Nice post!!

  3. Thank you ladies, hugs back. I have been an emotional roller coaster all day long...I knew it would hit me but geez its hitting hard. Then I sit and think that my 2nd child will be 16 in Nov and thats only 2 1/2 years until he's 18! I am not ready for this...I want my kids to stay home...I know that they have to grow up and move on etc and have their own place and things but right now I just want them to stay all here with me...

  4. Thank you Mary :) Hope your having a great day


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