Last Saturday of the year end thoughts

    Good morning everyone I hope that you all have a great last weekend of the year! Hard to believe that its just a couple days away of being over!

     So my thoughts so far today are all over the place actually and I wanted to share with you all some things on my mind as the year comes to a close.

     I heard about the ping from the cell phone from one of Mr. Cohen’s cell phones. I heard that he went on twitter and said no he never went to Prague etc. And then I heard/read that the funny thing is that Trump Jr. however, I believe since his mother is from there he has been there several times and that I believe he has/had a grandfather that lived outside of Prague if I remember correctly and that he has been over there several times and can speak the language as well! So this is interesting as I heard someone say that people that are involved in criminal activities sometimes have several phones and so someone was using one of them over there and it was indeed pinged I believe they said over there in/around Prague! Junior is up to this crap as far as he can go I believe and it would make perfect sense that he was the one over there and was doing something that was illegal and shouldn’t be! Mr. Cohen also said that Mueller knows everything so I’m thinking that this is on the right track and that they know what he did and so forth and its just a matter of time (hopefully soon!) that they indict/arrest Jr along with his sister on other things I’m sure and the brother in law Jared as well! They are all in this crap!

     I can’t wait to see it all come crumbling down and then when “daddy” can’t get them out of the trouble that they are going to be in then what? Even if he were to try and pardon them I’m pretty sure that Mueller and others have charges set up to go both on a state and federal level. I don’t believe that any of them think for a minute that they will actually have to pay for the crimes that they have committed b/c all throughout there lives they have gotten away with everything so why start now?!

     Hopefully, that will all change in the new year and that they will all be charged and have to do time or corporate or turn on daddy dearest if they want to save their own butts! And honestly, I think that is what will happen.

     I think that Ivanka and Jared Kushner will be the first to turn on Daddy dearest, but that Junior is so out there that he will believe that his daddy can get him out of whatever trouble he is soon to be in and he’s that gullible to think that he would save him he’s crazy!

     If I remember correctly the clown in the WH has only said or talked about one person that he doesn’t want anyone touching or messing with and that’s Ivanka! I don’t think that he’s going to give two craps if they go after and charge Junior with anything!

     I saw a picture of Junior’s ex with her 5 children a couple of days agoI give her so much credit for being strong and getting out of the marriage when she did! That man has done some very bad illegal things dealing with the election and who knows what else and I can only imagine how hard it was/is to get out with 5 kids but it was the right thing to do b/c that man is corrupt and awful just like his daddy and I’m sure she was the only smart one in the bunch to see that for what it is and get out while she could!

     Ivanka on the other hand.she might act like she is smart sometimes but apparently, she isn’t if she is in this crap up to her eyeballs like her brother, hubby and daddy are! Shame on them all for doing this and thinking that they can get away with it!

     Okay, so this turned into nothing but a Trump blog..haha I knew that he was on my mind just waiting for the day that I can wake up and see on the news that he resigned and or is being walked out of the WH in cuffs! That is my dream for the upcoming year at least one of them anyway!

     I hope that you all have a great day and weekend!

Hugs and love always from your Queen of Random-Lisa

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