He got us kicked out of Iraq!


      Good evening or morning wherever you may be! I decided that I have too much on my mind to just write one blog tonight about the clown in the oval office! So here goes my 2nd blog tonight about the news of the last day or so.

     So I just read/heard about how Trump’s idiot stunt of the last minute trip to Iraq to visit the troops, more like a distraction from all the crap going on around him that the government of Iraq is basically, in a nutshell, ticked off b/c of no ahead warning of his visit, I understand that! The idiot just did it as something to get people off the stories like the resignation of people and so forth! Geez, this guy really is a JENIUS isn’t he?! NOT! Ridiculous! So the government of Iraq referred to Trump as “arrogant” among some other not so nice words! Yep, I can only imagine, and I don’t blame them!

     I mean think about it, for decades, Presidents have been going overseas to visit our military and have had no issuesthen this idiot comes along. Two years and he doesn’t want to have anything to do with our military and going over there and then things go to hell in a handbasket for him and he thinks that the last minute going over there and then exposing our Seals and then lying to the military about pay raises and a photo op is going to take people’s minds off of the real stories going on around him? And amid doing this he gets us kicked out of a country?! Iraq is telling the US troops basically to leave! And they are calling our incompetent sorry clown in charge arrogant! Yep, that is one word for him! What the hell?!

     I think that its absolutely insane how much BS that one man causes and he’s supposed to be the leader of our country, not the flipping laughing stock of the world!

     That’s all for nowLove and hugs from your Queen of Random - Lisa


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