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Good morning everyone, I hope that you are having a good week and month so far. For me, this month hasn’t started out to be the best but, I know it’ll get better. Gotta have faith!

I had a small medical emergency at the beginning of the month/end of last month that brought me to have to go to the ER and for me, that is something because I am one of the ones that don’t go to the doctor for anything really. The whole right side of my face from my right cheek, jaw, chin, and lip on the last morning out of 3 swelled up where I could barely talk so yep decided to go to the ER! Then after that trip for 3-4 hours of waiting to see a Dr for 5 mins and charging me outrageously for that little bit of time waiting I got a prescription and went to fill it for penicillin and the damn thing cost me $40 for 40 generic pills! Flipping seriously?! And that is another reason that I don’t care to go to the doctor for every little thing too damn expensive and the meds are up there as well! Pathetic!!!! I was grateful that I had it to get them but I would of rather of not!

Anyway, so with that going on and a few other little things this month is just chaos! So I am trying to get caught up on my blogging and get things posted and back to where I post at least once a week on things that I find important going on here in the US but, other places as well.

I heard yesterday that the “so called” President of this country whom yes I don’t like at all whatsoever decided to make a threat against Korea!!! NOT too smart for a guy that doesn’t even know where North Korea is knowing him! I mean for goodness sakes this is the same person who has been saying that he’s been the “Greatest of all Presidents” um NO I don’t think so!! The lowest rating of all time yes that about sums it up! This man has a rating of 33% and I believe it will keep falling as he is! That is the LOWEST in history as far as I understand it and especially for a man that’s only been in office for 7 months!!!! The pathetic sorry excuse for a person to keep lying and telling people he’s greatmy foot!! He isn’t great!! There is NOTHING great about him except for the day that he decides that he can’t do the job and RESIGNS if he doesn’t get kicked out of office first!! That will be great!

The investigator Mr. Mueller has started the procedures for the Grand Jury and the subpoenas and things I believe are starting to go out so it's only a matter of time!
If you think that Trump isn’t in a big ole’ mess of crap then think again because he is NOT a legit business man at all!! There is NO way that he’s legit with all the crap coming out and not releasing his taxes etc. Why? Because he has something to hide! There is just to much damn drama with that idiot and the way that he treats people is just unbelievable!!

Those are my thoughts for now. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me and that is again why I like the expression, agree to disagree. I could be wrong with some things I saidI admit that sometimes I am wrong but, this idiot up in office. There is nothing good coming out of that! NOTHING!

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