Another day, another chaotic week of Trump so yet again MORE rants from yours truly!

Good Friday morning everyone, wishing you a great day!
So yet again it’s another day, another week and another Trump rant from yours truly!

I’m wondering if that man could ever just SHUT the hell up??!!! Just SHUT UP from making threats that you have NO right to be making!! You have NO clue what the hell you are talking about SO JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

But nope he can’t seem to do thatnot even when he’s on vacation (which has been weekly since he took office!!) He can’t do anything but run that LYING mouth of his and go to twitter to put people down!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell is wrong with that guy?? Seriously he’s 71 years old and acts worse than a flipping toddler going through terrible two’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I believe that this week with his threats of “Fury and Fire Like the world has never seen” seriously?? And then a day or two later smarts off and says maybe that wasn’t enough? And let’s just see what they do to Guam!!?? Are you FLIPPING kidding me?? What the hell?!

In case you haven’t noticed you are SUPPOSED to be PROTECTING this country not trying to RUN your mouth to get people to forget about the BS that you and your family have done (Collusion, probably money laundering and any and everything else that we yet don’t know about) you are supposed to be PROTECTING us NOT trying to get into a war with a jerk off that is just as crazy and insane as you apparently are!!! IDIOT!!!!!!!!!

Someone up there on the damn hill needs to STEP THE HELL UP and have some damn balls and take his phone away like a teenager that you would ground and tell him NO MORE!!!! And also NOT allow him to open his damn stupid idiotic mouth in front of ANYONE with a camera or recording device in sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t the people up there DO SOMETHING? Oh yeah because once you “do something” that idiot FIRES YOU!!! UGH!!! I would OPEN my mouth and tell him to SHUT THE HELL UP and then if he fires me okay then go and leave happy and then RUN MY MOUTH to everyone and tell them exactly what goes on up there and I bet that would SHUT HIM THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just like his ex-campaign manager, I believe it was.he finds out (Trump) that the FBI raided his house and then puts a story to the Enquirer that the guy Manafort or whatever his name is cheated on his wife etc.!!! 

SERIOIUSLY?! Mr. Manafort I would be running my mouth a billion miles an hour and telling the FBI everything and any little thing that went on during your campaign managing because there is TRASH that needs to be thrown out and it’s called the WHOLE TRUMP FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, this is just my thoughts on this situation that is getting out of hand with the going back and forth between Trump and N. Korea b/c both men are insane ego maniacs I believe is the right words?! This country doesn’t need to do anything to do with nukes or war or any of that crap, we have other issues that are FAR more important than our own Leader Running his damn mouth!!!!!!

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