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I watched Riverdale last night and I’m caught up on it for now I think. I love that show!! It is so flipping addicting! I miss my Vampire Diaries and my Colony that have both ended (Vamp Diaries) and the other one did get renewed for another season! Love that show! I love Josh Holloway in it. He is just absolutely amazing in my eyes!

I watched Survivor: Game Changers on Wednesday night and that was just crazy if you ask me!! Still pretty ticked and just well pissed that they did Ozzy that way and got him out!

My thoughts and opinions on Survivor is that they need to vote out Debbie next! I can't stand her or her attitude. I know she's an older lady but the attitude and the whining and then just twisting things around she needs to go! I don't like her, never have and never will. Tai, hmm well I was okay with him but, now that he switched things around and went against Ozzy just ticks me off too much to go for him anymore. I don't know about Troyzan..and hmm Aubrey or Audry (always get her name mixed up. The brunette girl that is on there I like her. Don't really have too many others now that the best ones and my faves are already out! Andrea I'm up in the air about and Zeke not too sure about. Macayla or whatever her name is I don't like her. She is lazy and does nothing and sucks in the challenges as far as I can see so she needs to go but first and foremost Debbie needs out. SHe isn't worth a damn flip and for all of them or well okay most of them to go against the ONE person that actually went out and provided them food!!! Really ??? That is just beyond stupid to me to go after him! They could of done it later on and been fine but nope they had to now and they aren't doing that great with food as it is so good luck with getting someone else to go out and get the food and fish and get coconuts! Ugh..

Then there is The Amazing Race that comes on Thursday nights and this week for whatever reason there was 2 hours of each of those shows and I was SO happy for that! I loved watching Amazing Race and I had just gotten caught up on it so it was good for me to relax and watch it as well. I was hoping that the police officer and the fire fighter would of made it further darn it but, it is what it is. That guy Shamir the one that hit the damn window on the window washing task he really needed to just go and I feel bad for the girl that she had to go because of him but yea he needed to go. That is out of context to go and flipping hit a window that hard enough to make it shatter all across like it did...ridiculous!

There aren't too many shows that I take the time out of my evenings to watch but those are the main ones and then the Little Women of LA (fave), Atlanta (they are hysterical for the most part! and then the ones of Dallas...I like watching the Dallas ones because I lived around the DFW area and I know some of the places that they go too and I think that is pretty cool to see it on the tv.

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