Letter Writing

Letter writing, has it gone out of style? Back in the day (I'm just 44!) when I was in my early 20's that is something that I absolutely loved and enjoyed was writing letters to my pen pals and they was from all over the world. It seems like today though that its more about email which is fine as well and quicker no doubt but, I still like writing letters to a point. It seems like I'm writing a daily/weekly diary or blog about things that go on in my life and instead of writing them (hand writing is horrible these days and not to mention that my fingers can keep up with my mind typing but not when pen writing! And its less expensive of course. But I do miss back in the day when I would receive letters in the mail from pen pals all over the world and they would send me postcards from there or I would send out stickers and such and it was so much fun to give and to receive things in the mail!!

I am happy that one of my main hobbies back then was writing letters or else I guess I wouldn't be that into writing my hubby a letter or sometimes 2 a week! And when it comes to him and getting a letter I am like back then all grins to the mail box in hopes of seeing a letter from him!

I know that computers and the internet have taken over the world in more ways than one but, sometimes especially with the ones that we love out there in a place where they can't just go and sit in front of the laptop and type out a quick letter its important to let them know how much they mean to you and for you to take out a little time out of your day/week etc and send out a quick letter that will more than likely brighten their day!

And if you don't have a loved one incarcerated maybe consider writing one in there. There is always someone out there without any family and or friends to support them and just because of where they are doesn't mean that they are horrible awful people, it means that they are human and made mistakes just like we all do. And no I don't mean some that are behind bars don't def need to be there but, some  are there because of little things and like I said we all make mistakes. Take time out and do research and fine someone who needs a friend and start by making the first move and writing a letter. Short and sweet I'm sure would make someone's day somewhere. 

And or do research and see if there are pen pals out there that still love to and prefer to send letters in the mail and send out a letter to someone new. I know that it would brighten up someone's day somewhere. It would be even be great to get kids involved in finding pen pal kids etc. When I was pen-palling back in the day I let my kids make things and send them to pen pals and or the kids of pen-pals. 

Have a great day friends!

Much love always,

your Queen of Random


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