Will History be made tonight here in the US? #Imwithher Possibly the 1st Woman President?!

  Good evening friends, I'm sitting here just thinking as I'm watching CNN live of course....back and forth for the two of them in FL. Really TIGHT and close there...

   So I am sitting here thinking that I never would of thought back when I was say a teenager or a younger woman in my 20's that not only would a woman be up as a nominee as President but be in the final candidate for President!! This is history and I am so thankful to be sitting here as I am and having the freedom to vote on who I choose too. Like someone said earlier on CNN, 100 years ago women didn't have a choice to vote nor were we looked at as an equal. Look how far we've come through all the years. 

  I remember at one of the debates I think it was or or on another thing that I saw a lady with Hillary and she was an older lady who was voting and not only voting but, voting for a woman to be President of the US. That is awesome to sit back and look at. 

  I hope that my daughter and step daugther remember this day years from now so that they can share with their kids how it felt to not only be a woman but, to have the chance to not only to vote but, the choice to vote for a woman and not only that but possibly see for the first time in history a WOMAN be President of the USA and not only that, but the first woman to also of been the First Lady before!! That is just awesome to sit here and think of the history being made right now this day/evening. November 8th, 2016 a very historical and memorable day for sure...

  Just wanted to share my thoughts.....

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