Disappointed with the results for us here in the USA

Today has been a challenging day...I didn't like the decision that was made but, what can I do but, just accept it and move on and live my life as I see fit. I honestly don't agree with it and I won't bow down to anyone thinking that my opinion doesn't matter and I should just agree that he was the best choice etc. I won't do that, that isn't me and I've put up with enough BS bowing down to others in my life to last for the rest of my life! So with all that being said ... to those that are happy with the decision, that's great that is your decision and as I told one of my best friends earlier, just sit back and wait and watch and see what happens until then don't be an arrogant ass and gloat about it because you got your way....he hasn't done anything yet not that saying that he won't but, just saying sit back and watch and then when/if he does something great then you can have room to run your mouth until then shush because I'm not going to argue with friends and that's why I don't talk politics on here!
Now with all that being said have a great night friends, I'm off to relax on my other laptop to play games all night and enjoy myself!

That is just something that I shared on facebook and wanted to put on here as well. I admit I don't think that Mr. Trump will do what he says. I think that he thinks that he can snap his fingers and things change or people will do exactly what he says...that isn't the way that it works! So in my mind the way that I think is that he is all talk and no action but, like I said above, we will just have to sit back, wait and watch and see for all of ourselves what happens.

Just my opinioin on things and the outlook for this country as I see it...we are in way more trouble now then ever before! But again that is just my opinion and my thoughts. Apparently as my best friend pointed out apparently a lot more people want to give him a chance so fine that's it he won and okay but, that doesn't mean that he is going to be great and almighty! Everyone has there faults and his is temperment, being rude name calling etc and yes the list goes on!! I never claim that I am perfect, not by a long shot but for someone to run our country needs a LEVEL head and I don't think that is him. Again just my thoughts and I could be completely wrong, only the future knows not I.

Have a good night everyone!

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