Welcome November!!

  Good morning everyone! And welcome to another new month! I can't believe that its November already again! Seems like the other day it was just the beginning of the new year! Seriously, this year has really flown by! Which are pros and cons for this year flying past us so fast!

  Another year coming close to the end of it. Holidays coming up - good times...this year there are adjustments to be made but otherwise I'm good with the holidays being around the corner.  Getting older - not too fond of this one! Seems like the older I get the faster the days seem to fly by!

  Another year that has made history and will continue to make history in my opinon this has been one really whirlwind of a year!! From everything going on in this country to politics and who will be the next run to run this country!! Usually I love watching all the things about the elections but this year has been really not only hectic with things going on in that genre but, also just stressful to say it in one word! Soon though it will finally come to an end and we will know who will be the next President of the USA!! Usually a good time to celebrate and move into the holiday season in good spirits but, honestly this year frightens me and stresses me out more than any of the other elections that I ever remember paying attention too!! And I'm only 43! So this is one heck of a historic year already with Clinton being the first woman nominee going up for President...along with other things being the first...I'm just looking forward to it all being over said and done...sorta I guess! 

  I am getting more involved in the blogging world or should I say reinvolved! Dealing with adjustments going on in my household as well as work and so forth so I am fitting more blogging into my schedule from now on and will continue to do that as one of my year ending goals!

I hope that you all have a gret rest of the year! Enjoy it, take it all in...relax as much as you can and give yourself a break when you can and need too...

Lisa-Queen of Random

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