#BehindTheBlogger Now We're Getting Somewhere!

  Good afternoon everyone, I hope that you all are enjoying the new month! I can't believe that its November already!! I'm happy for it to be here for the upcoming holidays and such but, it's still pretty hard to believe that its this time of the year already!

  I'm taking part in #BehindTheBlogger and this week its called Now We're Getting Somewhere. For me this is an awesome one because I honestly feel that I am now getting somewhere!

  I've been on my own (single mom w/ 2 of my now adult children living with me) It's been a LONG journey for sure that I've been on for over 3 years now. The first 2 years was hard being away from my daughter and only having my boys around me and then it changed to where 2 of my sons came here in Oklahoma with me and we've been on our own for over a year now. Recently my youngest turned 18 the day after my oldest decided to move 10+ hours away from us to Colorado!

  So yes now it seems like we're getting somewhere! I'm on my own working and enjoying my life working out of my home office and making a good living doing so. I know that my oldest son is now on his own journey in life and that makes me happy that he had the chance to go and live his life and start a new journey with his best friend. I'm very happy for him to up and go somewhere he's never been and take in everything that is going on. I miss him but, we have Skype and stay in touch daily so that helps. He's still going to be my baby and will always have a home to come to if needed or just to visit. I am SO blessed and thankful that my relationship with him as a mother and son is a very strong one. 

  My youngest just turned 18 the day after my oldest left so that was hard but, I made it through and my youngest son and I also have a very strong and awesome relationship. He can talk to me and tell me anything and I love and appreciate that. Sometimes our conversations are out there lol beceause he tends to tell me things as a best friend would but, not that a mom would like to know! But I love that he is like that with me and that he trust me like that! Very blessed and thankful for that.

  It's hard somedays when I get lonely and missing my hubby and just cuddling...but I know that we will be together soon and that keeps me going. The phone calls are precisous to me! And the letters that come in weekly are also great!! I miss him with all my heart and I'm wanting to go and visit him before the holidays so hopefully I can do that. We BOTH need that!

  I am very proud of myself and the way that I'm working, doing and living. I am soon to have my car paid off. Considering doing it at the beginning of the year instead of continuing to pay until the beginning of next November. I would love to pay it off and have that under my belt! I want to upgrade to a newer/better vehicle. This one my oldest son will be getting and I am very happy to be doing that for him. I honestly never thought that I would be able to hand down a vehicle to any of my children but, its going to happen and soon! As for the next vehicle lol my youngest son says that he is going to choose it basically because I'll be  handing that one down to him and then after that one is paid off it'll be MY turn lol to get a vehicle that I completely will have for me and hubby to go traveling around the US in :)  I like the taste that my youngest son has in vehicles so I'm sure that I will love the vehicle as much as he does! 

  So I am coming to an end with this post before I get out of control and just keep on and on!! :) I'm going to start writing weekly instead of just the bi-monthly for these posts so please if you're interested keep an eye out for the new and upcoming posts from me and especially the giveaway post!! I am VERY involved this year with Gift Guides and Giveaways so I'll be posting a TON of them!! And I am still in the process of trying to figure out what I want my big giveawy to be this year!!

Have an awesome rest of the day/week!! And please check out the other bloggers and see what they have to say in this weeks #BehindTheBlogger

Much love always - Lisa Queen of Random!!

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