Getting through the storms - they won't last forever!

Good morning again friends :) I know that too many of my friends and others as well are going through tough times right now. And whether it has something to do with the upcoming holidays which always seems to get the high stress levels flowing or whether its something else going on in our lives, just be paitient and not stress out too much or at least try not too, the storms can't and won't last forever.

I've been there and done that when things just seem as if they aren't going to get any better and thinking to myself how am I ever going to get past this? BUT we do!! We always seem to keep moving forward and not looking back! Looking back doesn't help just have to keep your focus on what is to come and what is in front of you!

I know that its hard to always keep our heads up, believe me been there done that and at times still doing it but, it will all be over soon enough and just take in what happeend and learn from that. Try not too stress too much over it because really what good does stressing yourself out about things do? I believe it does more harm than not..

I'm not saying that I don't stress out because believe me I'm human and have my days as well! For example...the election coming up...yes I'm stressing over it! Not a lot not to where it interferes with my work or anything like that but just in the back of my mind on my time where I sit and relax and read things or watch videos or catch up on things etc. I worry, I worry about omg what if this happens and then that happens and then the thought of this happening triggering this and that and yes the list goes on and on!! I'm pretty sure I'm NOT the only American that is stressing over this darn election coming up and can't be over honestly soon enough because I think that the most stress is not yet knowing who is going to end up being President of this great country! But just like other things, this will soon be over as well and then we will know who it is and go from there...its just the thought of things and things going one way or the other and what the outcome will be....

So that is the stress that I'm putting on myself but, usually I don't really let it get to me because as long as I do my part and vote, that's all that I can do..its out of my hands once that is done!

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