#UBC - Talking about one of my fave Reality shows - #BB18

So I don't know about you all, but, for me I have loved watching BB (Big Brother) from the very FIRST one!! I remember it all those years ago!! My kids were little back then and I loved watching it. So this year isn't any different...I have actually missed a few of the seasons through the years but, I am getting more involved and taking the time to relax and just sit down and watch the episodes instead of going back to working and working and did I mention working?! Lol...Yes, I'm just a tad bit of a workaholic and trying to break that habit when I can!

I have my favorites picked out already...I think I actually did on the first episode..I didn't take the time this year to watch the interview videos online where they interview each one and I usually get my likes from them but, this year I just watched the first episode and during that I could instantly tell who I liked and didn't!

I had started liking Victor (top row 2nd guy) but, with him in the house and talking and such I just decided that yes while I think that he's a cutie, no I don't like him. The first player that got out, didn't know too much about him so not sure with him. The 2nd player that got out...omg he was SO FULL OF HIMSELF!!! He needed to go!! You don't go around in that house gunning for people and telling others you are the "Mosiah" that is crazy and insane!! And the one girl that I didn't like off the bat...well she's not all that bad now b/c she went and told the HoH for that week and got his butt put on the block and out! THANKFULLY!

Although with the darn twist that Julie told us last week that the 1st 5 people that are voted out they get to go against each other and then the winner of the 5 that go against each other has a chance to go back in the house! well that's good in a way and bad ... considering I don't want to see nor hear anything else from the 2nd one that got out he can just whatever....he's so annoying and into himself! ugh!

Anyway, I have my faves Paulie is my number 1 and Frank (returning player) is my 2. Paulie is Cody's brother and he's a cutie and before I knew/realized that he was Cody's brother I liked him and his attitude not to mention that he's a cutie!

So I'll be doing weekly updates on here and giving just my opinion of where the game is going or could go etc. 

Have a great rest of the day/week!!!

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