#UBC - day 6 - Working at home

I so LOVE working at home and just being able to do what I love (customer service) and making a living doing what I love is awesome! So I just wanted to share that this pic above is what my manager for my main client sent us out today as the daily updates :) I love cats so this fit me perfectly! :) And yea that's me...walking into my home office just a prancing in here to sit down at my desk to start work :) 

I just wanted to share that I am thankful and grateful and very blessed to be able to do what I do and what I actually seriously love  doing  and that's helping others. I do it in the way of customer service and I get to do it from the comfort of my home office. With this one main client I've been with them a year now!! Pretty awesome!

And my co-workers aren't like the drama ones out in the brick and mortar buildings that I'm sure there are in the call centers, nope they are like friends/family. I appreciate and respect each of them and there are a few of us that have been with the company for a year now. Pretty awesome achievement :) 

I also have other clients and I love them to pieces as well. For a couple of my other ones I don't work on a day to day basis with co-workers though. I deal directly with the customers and the client and that's it. No other workers with me. I handle things that need to be done. One for a business on Amazon/Shopify that I do the customer service for and then the other one is dealing with Property Management and all the awesome things that I get to do with them. There are always a variety of things and tasks that need to be done with them and I love the variety of things.

And then there is my newest clients that are both dealing with the Transportation industry. I am working with a client/company doing recruiting for Owner Operators. They are looking for O/O's in the South Eastern states. And then the other one I'm doing the actual Loads/Dispatching with them. That is the one that I FINALLY after a month LITERALLY today of being hired got to start! The "training" manager really just didn't have his stuff together in the beginning and I felt like I was being put off but, if you know me and when it comes to work, I will update and ask for updates daily! So I stayed on him and I was persistent on starting the month off with this company and I did!! I was determined and I made it happen...after the holiday but I did make it happen as close to the beginning of this month as I could stand!

I hope that you enjoyed stopping in and reading my blogs.

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