#UBC - day 3 - Where I was last year & where I am today

   Good evening friends and fellow bloggers, I hope that each of you are having a great day! For me it's been a pretty busy weekend. I worked all day yesterday (my norm noon-midnight) and then I am now working today just for a little while longer until 10 tonight. 

   I wanted to share some things for the Ultra Blog Challenge. I wanted to share that when you make up your mind to do something, just do it! No matter what it takes, no matter who tells you that you can't do it, just be that much more determined that you will get it done!

   This time last year I was staying with one of my now ex-best friends with 3 of my sons. When you live with a friend it can be challenging to be with them and live your everyday life around them 24/7. They see your habits and things and you see there's and you might not always see eye to eye on things. And then if her parents (mom) gets involved in things then you for sure don't see eye to eye on things. 

  So let's just say that it was a very negative surrounding that we were in. I had to do what I needed to do and she was my option and I do appreciate everything that she did to allow me and my sons to come and stay with her in her home, I'll always be appreciative of her for that. But, when you start seeing how some people can be so "fake" and yes I am using that word that I don't like but it's so true in this case. She was/is a good woman don't get me wrong. She works and she goes to church, but, she doesn't because she wants too...she did it to make her mom happy. She did it because that's what was expected of her. So every Sunday she would get up in the morning and get ready for church, go with her mom and step dad and do her thing there and then she would come home and gripe and curse and just fuss about anything and everything! It wasn't a situation that I wanted to stay in anymore. So this time last year her mom had gotten on my last nerve with things (talking behind my back) and yet this is a lady that I had looked up too through out the years and had called my 2nd mom. Anyway, we finally (me and two of my boys) decided that enough is enough and we shouldn't have to be listening too or dealing with all the negative things that was around us. So with determination last July (mid) I found me and the boys a place here of our own. Its not the best in the world that's for sure, but, its something and better than putting up with the negative crap that was coming out of their mouths!

   So I moved myself, Oreo and my two boys out of that situation and into this place which is a place that we call home and that we've built up from nothing (literally) in the last year! we came here with NO furniture, with very little things to our name but, we had my car, my baby Oreo and my two boys and that's all that mattered!! 

  We now have a good place to call home, still have each other and still have our baby Oreo and as long as we are all safe, happy and healthy, that's all that matters!

  We've grown so much just in the last year. I'm still with a couple of my same clients as last year so I just celebrated a 1 year anniversary with them. Oreo's birthday is coming up in Aug so he'll be 3!! My youngest is soon to be 18 in Oct. My oldest is learning to do some of the work that I do here in my home office and he'll be making his own money and getting things for himself as well as he's looking in to colleges.

  And for me, I've grown so much in the last year. I've learned what to put up with and what I don't need to put up with! I've been very appreciative of every thing that we've been able to get as far as the furniture and a different car etc. I've somewhat learned to take time for me even though that is a hard one still since I'm still working the 60 hours a week! But on nights like this, when I'm working but, we are slower I can do other things and get multitasking down :) 

  So thankful and blessed to have everything that I do and for everyone in my life. Things are only material things but, when you start out with nothing in your 40's it's like starting out on your own all over again back when you were in your teens or 20's but it seems so much harder b/c this time around I have kids (young adults) with me. But we've managed and we are doing great and that's all that matters. 

  Thank you for coming in and reading my blog today...Have a great rest of the day and Happy July 4th!!

Lisa-Queen of Random


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  1. Sounds like you have come a long way and made some great changes in your life. Family is what really matters. Love your postive attitude


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