Ultra Blog Challenge - Motivational Monday for Women

So today I am going to just say what's on my mind regarding how strong women are and can be and the other side of that is how some not all by any means but some can cause and do nothing but be in the middle of drama and if there isn't drama around them its like they are suffocating from not having air to breathe!

This is all just my opinion and not meant towards any one person at all. I've had my fair share of being included in drama through out the years, mostly by my oh so wonderful and awesome family....NOT! They just love to put me in the middle of there drama sessions and I choose and continue to choose to NOT be a part of it! Seriously where does it really get you? Another reason why I don't speak or have too much to do with the little bit of family that I have left or should I say "blood" family. I have my REAL family and they are my friends that I have that have stood by me from day one of knowing me and learning through out the years that yea I have issues such as everyone else BUT I've learned from mistakes and yes still learning but I don't get involved in piddly drama that doesn't matter. My "blood" family however has always referred to me and my oldest male cousin as the "black sheep" of the family...aren't they so wonderful for referring to us as that?! No wonder me and him use to be really close! We were both put down and basically told neither of us would end of as anything. Well needless to say he is a great guy and has a fantastic job and gets to travel alot and enjoys it and I well I'm living one of my dreams by working out of my home office and one of these days I will continue onto my other part of the dream which includes living in an ocean front property working only part time...heck I'd go nutty not working at all!! LOL  

We only have ONE life to live on this earth and I refuse to live it with the bs drama ... I want to enjoy every moment of my life with my friends and my kids. I am so thankful and blessed to have a great circle of friends, close friends and some even from back in high school and a couple from back in 6th grade!! They still mean the world to me and even if we don't talk/text etc daily or even weekly we konw that we are there for each other and care about them still...one of my friends from back in the 6th grade, best friends, her mom is still like a mom that I wanted and deserved and even though we haven't talked in awhile I still think of her as a great person and woman that I look up too as a mom. There are some pretty awesome people out there and I am very thankful that they are in my life and they have chosen to stay around me even when I have bad days etc.

So don't let the bs of drama slow you down or bring you down, live above it! It gets you nowhere to be involved in it...


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