Ultra Blog Challenge for 1st day of November

So I can't believe that today is the 1st day of November!! Wow where on earth did the year go??

There is SO much going on... lots of giveaways up and going and a ton more to start in the upcoming short days and not to mention that I did my first giveaway!! Yay!! It was awesome!! And now I'm more involved and doing 2-4 I think so far of my own this month on Blog Hops!! 

Then not to mention everything coming up around the corner, the holidays and the other challenges that comes into our everyday lives.

I'm trying to continue to be involved more in the blog world :) Trying really hard so that I can continue to grow and get my name out there :) 

I'm very proud and thankful that I have reached over 12,000 followers on twitter!! Absolutely thankful and appreciative to every one of my followers! Now my goal is to keep that moving along and reach my goal of 24,000 by my birthday (mid March) and to continue to grow on my other social media sites....its really awesome to keep growing....Loving it!!

Its been a heck of a challenging year, but, I know that great things are still to come!

I got hired by another client, this one is a full time and start up company so the pay starting out isn't all great and wonderful but, I know that when they start growing that I will grow as well and can climb up the stages and be manager and other things as time goes by and that will be super flipping awesome!! Its another field that I'm getting into which I think is awesome!! Its a very wide and never ending and always growing and not going anywhere field of transportation!! We all depend on transportation in one way or another and I know that its not going anywhere so its awesome to watch them grow!! I can't wait to see them grow and blossom into the upcoming awesome year!!

I am hoping that things go well in the job field (crossing fingers) and a few prayers and I never leave them! I seriously am enjoying both of the guys, they are a couple of brothers that own and are running the company and they are very intelligent men. And they aren't the kind that look down on anyone b/c they are the owners and you are just a person underneath them etc. They are very nice yet professional but they make it very comfortable and fun to learn the business and I appreciate them and giving me the chance to move up in their company.

Last month ended pretty good...was hired on Thursday the 29th and I was one in five that they were considering. I wanted it bad!!  And I got it!! So thankful!

Anyway, so hard to believe that this year is so close to coming to an end...so much still to do! I have a few more things like decorating and other things that are on my to-do list and most of my resolutions for this year, happy to say have been done!! Very proud of that!! And I'm pushing them as far as I can and will be making another new list at the beginning of the year and even more determined to get all or at least most of those done as well!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week and enjoys this nice and cool time of the year...favorite part of the year...

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