#BehindTheBlogger The Moment My World Stopped Spinning

The Moment My World Stopped Spinning was the day that I became a mother!! For the first time in my life I felt a ton of emotions going through out me...it was one of the best days of my life (along with the birthday's of my other 3 children)

I had my first child/son at the end of March in 1993. Yes, he's a young adult, hard to believe for me that he's going to be 23 in a few months!

He is such a great young man!! As you all probably know or are going to be starting when you first become a mom you live and learn....you can read ALL the books in the world, read blogs, watch videos, listen to advice, and the list goes on and on and no matter what I don't think that anything can really prepare you for that magical moment that you become a mom for the first time.

I was on my own. I was told to give him up, I was told to have an abortion and then to give him up for adoption as soon as I refused to abort. In my circumstance, I will say  that yes it was VERY hard and emotional BUT that is my choice and my choice was that I felt in my heart and soul that he was meant to be! I didn't know if he was a boy/girl all the way through the pregnancy. I was told that there was something wrong with him and that I needed to do the thing where they take the fluid but, they had said that there was a chance that I could lose him and the second literally that she said that there was a chance, even a small one, I said no thank you I don't want to do it and had faith that if there was something wrong okay I would deal with it and hopefully with lots of prayers everything would be good. And it just so happens that he was a healthy baby boy! So thankful and blessed for that!!!

My mom and stepdad was the ones that was telling me I couldn't handle it (I was 19 turned 20 11 days before he was born!) So yes I was young but, at least I wasn't a minor and they didn't have the say so, I did! That burned them up!! So without the help of them I stayed with my grandmother who was by my side on keeping him but, she had her moments as well!

My son means the absolute world to me and I knew then that there was a reason (if if I didn't understand it then, and still don't) that it was meant to be. He was a precious miracle is the way I looked at it. I scrimped and it was hard. Living in an efficiency in Dallas, walking him in the stroller to a day care for a very short time while I walked to work near it. I don't like (back then) day cares.

It was hard but, we had each other and without him in my life I don't know what I would do!!! He was a great baby, always smiling and making me laugh and just a good nature baby and a very good hearted baby that has grown into a very awesome young man!

So that is the day that my world stopped spinning the day that I brought a life into this world and had a love that I had NO idea existed!!

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