Another Motivational Monday

So hello again for another Motivational Monday :) Today has been challenging for me so far...woke up with a horrible headache and so its definitely been a slow start to the day because of that.

I believe in the saying above, that its a great day to correct last week's mistakes. So with that being said, I am ready to go and kick butt work wise this week! The question is, is my boss/client ready?? He's having a bit of a slow start as well considering that he was drinking last night on a Sunday night...not good for starting off the week right! Instead he's dealing with feeling like crap b/c of the hangover and trying to work it off at the gym....sigh!!

So it's up to me to get this going and I have been doing above and beyond what I am supposed to be doing. So hoping that what I am doing will get this moving faster. He's always bragging how he did this that and the other "all by himself" last year, but, this year (2-3 months now that I've been working with him) he's a HUGE procrastinator!! Even just last night he was saying he can't call agents today because its football season now and Monday's aren't a good day to call in Football Season? Um, yea okay I don't care what season it is JUST DO IT!

Someway somehow I have got to get this going because this is my income too not just his. So I am busting my butt today on things and hopefully with me doing things that he should of been doing we will get this going!

I am wanting so badly to just get this where I can take my classes and then the exam and get my license! Very excited about that because then I don't have to be so dependable so to speak on him as a client for income every week. And that is why I never just have one client, I always have 2-3 because if something happens I have my butt covered!

So hopefully I can kick up his motivation somehow today and we can actually get this going and he needs to just do it and call the agents and see about getting them on board with us so there will be more for me to do which will make both of us and the agents money all around!

Have a great Monday and week everyone...

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